The BBC lazily recycles hoary canards about indifference to the Holocaust

A British peer defends the record of the Catholic Church during World War II

The late John Frain was a constituent of mine and I felt greatly honoured when he asked me to write an introduction to his book on the role of Catholics in opposing Hitler and Nazism, The Cross and the Third Reich.

Dr Frain was on my mind this evening as the BBC reported on the visit of Pope Francis to Auschwitz and said the Catholic Church had remained silent in the face of Nazism and the Holocaust. This is a canard that is either repeated through sheer ignorance or because the facts don’t conveniently fit the story.

  • xavier

    No kidding reading some historianalysts it’seems like the Bishops and cardinal basically blessed the swastika and we’re hoping to create a new throne and altar compact with the Nazis.

    And yet to this day we still don’the know how the French Communist party sabotaged the war industries and the war effort. Thorez the French communists party godfather was sentenced to death in absentia for treason
    And let’s not forget that the French communists sat on their asses for a year and half objectively collaborating with the Nazis

    • tom_billesley

      From the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact to Operation Barbarossa, the communist parties of the west shunned war preparations and the war effort against their fellow collectivists.

  • My experience with Latin Americans is they are quite knowledgeable about Latin American history and even U.S. history. But they are generally piss-poor ignorant about European history. I don’t think Bergoglio is an exception.

    • xavier


      Sorry the autocorrect of my phone is very annoying. I’ll have to use my tablet or computer to post 🙂

      • Not your fault — I was on vpn (vpn has advantages/disadvantages — evades censors and you can sometimes see what other people can’t; but sometimes you can’t see what other people can on normal http).

  • simus1

    The BBC has a lot to answer for before it qualifies to judge other supposed sinners.

  • vwVwwVwv

    the atheist pope shuld first remove the cross from the hill made out of burned jews.
    how disgraceful must one be to post a cross on the largest jewish semetary
    on earth, created with the active help of some catholics.

    the role of the vatican towards jews 45 is less important then the current one
    and the current one is bad enough.

  • FactsWillOut

    The RCC did exactly as much as the RCC is currently doing concerning Islam.

    A few platitudes does not a crusade make.

    • Minicapt

      Nothing like affirming one’s lack of knowledge.