The Audacity of Crooked Hillary

The Clintons have acquired a vast personal fortune since leaving the White House but not from the billions bestowed upon their eponymous foundation by Russians, Colombians, Saudis, Kuwaitis, Indians and Africans. The scam is a little more sophisticated than that…

  • Waffle

    The main problem with trying to explain the crimes of Clinton is that those who have done the research and know where the bodies are buried, make two fatal errors: first, they tend to be polemicists (my problem with “Clinton Cash”, and second, they get fail to lead the reader out of the byzantine maze that the crooks have created.

    A similar situation exists in Ontario and with Ontario Hydro. Several years ago, a retired bank manager deconstructed his Hydro bill. Unfortunately, few people had the kind of knowledge necessary to understand what was really going on. So now Hillary’s counterpart is giving away shares in this tax-payer funded (once) public utility as shiny trinkets in her never-ending quest to stay in absolute power.

  • xavier

    And to think that Executive Outcome the pioneer mercenary corporation was forced to close down due to concerns about mining and natural resource concessions. The company always demanded a cut. I wonder if one of the more bemusing footnotes that the Clintons’s forced the closure so they could move in the vaccum