I love it when they eat their own…

‘Intersectional’ atheism campus speaker threatens to sue after sexual harassment claims

Richard Carrier‘Believe the accuser’ is what dumb feminists say

Atheist social-justice activist Richard Carrier believed the survivor – until the survivors and their allies in the atheism movement accused him of sexual harassment.

Now he’s threatening legal action against his accusers, his former blog network and the conference that banned him in the wake of allegations by Arizona State University student Amy Frank.

  • G2

    My God, this some of the most ridiculous, saddest shit I’ve ever made it half way through. It pleases me to know that they will all be unhappy forever.

    • bargogx1

      I couldn’t finish it either. They’re all crazy.

  • Ed

    “…Carrier describes himself as a feminist and promotes an “intersectional” strain of atheism…”

    The key word is “strain.”

  • JohnfromToronto

    If there were an award for B*ts**t crazy this would win hands down.

  • xavier

    Proof that atheism can’t develop an ethical framework or coherent moral outlook.

    This events merely highlights the travesty and ludicrousness of their world view. Like past gnostiscisms this one is quickly burning out. Soon it’ll be like a dead star

  • Ladies and gentlemen, behold – a train wreck.

    I hope one has his or her favourite beverage handy whilst they watch.