Germany builds brand new homes for Muslim invaders where they can live rent-free forever

Each home is fully equipped with all the necessities for a Muslim freeloader family – the village itself hosts 2 cafeterias, community dining rooms, washing rooms and on-site doctors. Grocery stores as well as schools and kindergartens are in immediate vicinity.

What about a nearby armory, I mean mosque?

  • Nice of Angela.

  • Ottawa Eyes

    It is no different that Canadian governments of all levels giving benefits and “services” to refugees not available to Canadians.

  • How to say “Where the white women at” in Araby-ick?

  • Martin B

    They’ll riot and demand bigger and better homes for free.

    • …and get them.

      Just like welfare in America, once you grant it how do you take it away?

  • JusticeVegas

    Little Palestines.

  • Dana Garcia

    Who wouldn’t come from dal al-islam with that kind of offer?

    Maximum free stuff, plus the opportunity to spread islam — there’s something for everyone.

  • BillyHW

    Welfare in all its forms is immoral. If you support it you are immoral.

    These houses need to be burnt to the ground, now.

  • Ron MacDonald

    That why they came in the first place, now more will come.

  • tom_billesley

    Shower heads in every room?

  • DMB

    Germany as a nation has an extremely long history of European expansionary conquests in Europe starting from the Holy Roman Empire (554 a.d. to 1841 a.d) World War I (which Germany started and was allied with Ottoman controlled Turkey) to World War II. Now with the European Union attempting to gain more control of individual European nations through the means of aggressively pushing for mass Islamic immigration into Europe as well as profiting greatly from the smaller EU nations i.e. Greece debt crisis. Germany once again is gaining by destabilizing Europe. It appears that history is repeating itself with aggressive German expansionary plans which explains a lot on what Merkel is up too.

  • Editor

    Groups of young Germans, just out of high school or college should file the paperwork or put in the request for such housing and benefits. They’d never get it but it might gum up the works and force the government to publicly explain why.