Cultural relativism an unnecessary cross to bear

Cultural relativism an unnecessary cross to bear

The Pope has embraced jihad denialism at the historical moment that jihadists have declared war on Christianity. His recent denial that jihadism is rooted in Islamist theology, his selective criticism of Western secure border policy and his belief that the celebration of European Christianity amounts to colonialism have many Catholics wondering whether he is capable of protecting the church in a time of crisis.

The jihadist murder of Jacques Hamel marked the end of innocence in the 21st-century Christian West. It is the first time Islamic State jihadists have entered a Western church to kill a priest. Following the attack, the Pope said the world was at war, but he denied its roots were religious. Instead, he ascribed jihadism to a battle over resources and money.

Empirical evidence suggests the Pope is wrong ­— gravely so. The murder of Hamel was inspired by Islamism, motivated by hatred of Christians, enacted by jihadists and claimed by Islamic State. In its propaganda mag Dabiq, Islamic State vowed that Christians “will not have safety, even in your dreams, until you embrace Islam. We will conquer your Rome, break your crosses, and enslave your women.”

Normandy’s Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray church was one of several Catholic churches found on an Islamic State hit list. L’Express magazine reported that one of the Rouen jihadists, Adel Kermiche, explained in advance his plan to attack Christians as they prayed: “You take a knife, you go into a church. Bam!” What part of jihadism does the Pope not understand?

The jihadists smiled after slitting Hamel’s throat and desecrating the altar before turning on nuns and parishioners. Consistent with jihadist trial by ideology, they investigated the nuns for Koranic compliance. After one nun, Helene Decaux, attested to reading several surahs and offered respect for the Koran, the Islamists denied Christ, stating: “Jesus cannot be God and a man.”

Islamists are monotheistic and deny the triune God of Christianity to the degree that some Islamic countries codify the submission of Christians by prescribing them second-class citizen status under sharia law. However, Pope Francis appears unable or unwilling to grasp the connection between political Islam, anti-Christian oppression and jihadism.

In a press conference, a journalist asked why he hadn’t referred to Islamic terrorism or fundamentalism when speaking about the jihadist killing of Hamel. In his reply, the Pope indulged in base cultural relativism by comparing the system of transnational jihadism with individual instances of domestic violence.

The latest issue of Dabiq offers a timely corrective to the Pope’s loose grasp on the reality of jihadism. Titled “Break the Cross”, its cover depicts a jihadist desecrating a church by destroying the cross on its steeple. Its authors urge Muslims to subjugate Christians and kill those who refuse to submit. Subjugation takes the form of cultural genocide. In the caliphate, Christians are banned from building or rebuilding churches, wearing the cross and openly practising their faith. They are required to “make room for Muslims and stand for them when they want to sit”. And they are forced to pay Muslims a hate tax, jizya, simply for being Christian. As the jihadists state, the purpose of the tax is to elevate Muslims over Christians and Jews.

Despite the increasing frequency of Islamist terror attacks on Western citizens, political and religious leaders commonly lapse into what I would describe as jihadist denialism. The constitution of jihadist denialism is: the creation of a false distinction between Islamic scripture and Islamist terrorism; a form of cultural relativism that holds Christians and Jews equally responsible for modern terrorism as jihadists; a sole focus on the militant expression of jihadism while ignoring its political form; and the omission that codified inequality is a political fact of many Islamic states under sharia law. Jihadist denialists often omit the influence of Christianity in the formation of the secular state, the idea of free will and free choice, the abolition of slavery, the recognition of formal equality and universal human rights.

Jihadist denialism minimises both the deleterious effect of political Islam and the positive legacy of Christianity. It is a dual fallacy.

The confusion that besets Western political and religious leaders when faced with jihadism is a luxury that persecuted Christians in Islamic nations cannot afford. Several organisations such as Open Doors and the Pew Research Centre have produced research showing Christians are the most persecuted religious group worldwide. The primary persecutors of Christians are Islamist and communist regimes. There is no equivalent persecution of Muslims in the Christian-majority nations of the West.

Reverend Majed el-Shafie is a refugee who fled the Islamic world after being imprisoned and tortured by the Egyptian government for converting from Islam to Christianity. In the wake of Hamel’s murder, el-Shafie explained its cause to British newspaper SundayExpress with a clarity that appears to have eluded the Pope: “I believe Christians are a main target just like we used to be. This has been happening to Christians in the Middle East for hundreds of years.” Islamic State is simply the latest iteration of jihadism whose global organisations include al-Qa’ida, Hezbollah and Hamas. As el-Shafie stresses: “The problem is the ideology of the extremists.”

The principal aim of jihadists is to impose a global caliphate governed by sharia law. To achieve it, they must destroy liberal democracy, Judeo-Christianity and all of the West’s attendant freedoms.

Our response to jihadism should not be appeasement born of denial and fear, but the courage to think free thoughts, speak freely and pray to the god of our belief, or observe no god at all. If the West is to survive the 21st-century war with Islamist terror, we must adopt a zero-tolerance policy towards jihadists and their ideology. That means supporting persecuted Christians by doing what jihadists loathe: rebuilding the churches they destroy, supporting the communities they persecute, giving shelter to Christian refugees, letting the church bells ring out and wearing the cross with honour.

  • xavier

    And arm the persecuted Christians to the teeth so when some uppity Moslem needs to relieve his inferiority complex, he gets blown away. Thus the Moslems seeing bullet riddled corpses with Verdun like numbers and an oppressed people reacting with righteous indignation: he Moslems will then understand the stark choice: leave us the hell alone or die an apocalyptic death.

    • It’s all they understand.

      • xavier

        Yup. The Moslem need to experience that scene in the Judge dreed remake where the bad guy brings in those A10 30 mm gattling guns and pulverizes several floors of the apartment block.

        Then and only them when they vaguely sense a casual link between their chest thumping bellocity and the apocalyptic destruction they experience will finally force to retreat like hyenas.

        And repeat until the trauma cracks them

        • Will Quest

          Russia has a huge muslim population, yet seems immune to the current wave of jihadi attacks, why is that ~!?!

    • vimy

      Simply killing them will never be a deterrent. it is what they live for,how ironic is that. They need to know that however we rain destruction upon them our instruments of death will be forever tainted, preventing them from ever ascending to heaven for eternity.

      • xavier

        Yes and no. The intellectual masterminds need need to face extreme violence so they get a taste of the consequences of their chest thumping bellowing for violence.

        However a society can only absorb so much loses before it collapses. Spangler (David Goldman) claims it’s 30%. It can be achieved if the political leaders authorized a WW II ROE. And in fact it’seems happened a few times. I recently passed a link to Blazing cat fur about a group of British paras and Royal Irish held off over 500 Talibán for 56 days without reinforcements.

        They were able to survive because of their superior training as well as a brokered end of cessation by the village elders. They had had enough of the Talibán who caused their village to be obliterated by the ferocity of the battle.

        So yeah Muslims love death when it’s some other poor schmuck who’s been brainwashed not them because their lives are far too valuable to sacrifice.

  • Spatchcocked

    Hey you!! Yes you Frank….yer a schmuck already!!!

    Nice little religion you got there….be a shame if anything happened to it….

    I’m just saying Frank…

  • Spatchcocked

    Frank? Some advice Frank.

    If you wanna slide Frank then you gotta grease.

  • Alain

    It is as though Michael Coren became pope.

    • xavier

      Well he just denounced transgenderism as the abolition of man. I’ll give him credit for being clear eyed about that evil even if he’s completely wrong about jihad

  • Cat-astrophe

    ….he denied its roots were religious. Instead, he ascribed jihadism to a battle over resources and money.

    Then why the heck do they always yell “Allahu Akbar”?

  • Spatchcocked

    Pope Frank….Lizzie May…..Joe Clark…..

    Look at Franks mug in that foto……A comedic blockbuster…..what a team!

    The three douche nozzles….write me a script somebody!!!!

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  • Norman_In_New_York

    It’s the same old song and dance from the pope.

  • I will keep saying this until it is gotten: surahs 5:72-75 contradicted the divinity and purpose of Christ the Jew and His Mother. As a Catholic (especially the head of all Catholics), that should be clearly understood.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      This Pope doesn’t know, and he doesn’t care, and he doesn’t know enough to even care.

      • That would suggest he’s heartless, which I don’t think he is.

        I don’t think he is evil. He is, however, clueless and there is no excuse for a man of his position to not know. It might be that he prefers not to know but not out of malice.

        • Drunk_by_Noon

          Maybe this is crazy talk, but I no-longer give this pope the benefit of the doubt and I now think he vacillates between “evil” and a depraved indifference that might as well be evil.

  • infedel

    marxist infiltration and saudi money is deep….we can, and must, root it out.