The Summer Olympics Aren’t About Sports, So Don’t Watch

It happens every four years. First, Ralph Lauren rolls out his latest oversized logos. Second, we pretend table tennis and synchronized swimming are actual sports, even ones we enjoy watching, and that seeing our country succeed in either will fill us with national pride.

To which I say balderdash, my fellow Americans, balderdash.

  • Dana Garcia

    Greece should take over the track and field events and get back to basics. And bring back the chariot racing.

    Maybe Hollyweird can put on a separate Diversity Games with the twinkie amusements.

    • eMan14

      Diversity Games… don’t give them ideas.

      • Dana Garcia

        Diversity Games is what they have now — look at all the media swooning over the “refugee” team.

    • WalterBannon

      How about bring back throwing the muslims to the lions.

      • Dana Garcia

        Was that a sport? I must have missed it.

        Sounds entertaining though!

  • ontario john

    The games have nothing to do with sports. Its the political and corporate elites patting themselves on the back and making money through sponsorships. Hitler did the same thing when he hosted the games. Leftist politicians love events like this to make themselves look good in front of the peasants. This is what will happen when Canada celebrates its 150th anniversary. It will be a celebration of the Liberal Party and expect lots of muslim worship and other diversity crap.

  • Cat-astrophe

    All you have to know about the Olympics is Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll.
    I mean, 100 condoms per athlete….nuff said.

  • mauser 98

    …….right from the White Hut…no more coincidences in this world

    Michael Phelps Urged To Give Up Position As US Olympic Flag Bearer
    Ibtihaj Muhammad, an African American Muslim woman hijab wearing woman was a better choice

    …CNN , Yahoo , Guardian outraged Phelps carried flag

  • ontario john

    Lets see, since the games started there has been two shootings, an explosion, thefts and stabbings. Sounds like another night in Toronto.

      • Linda1000

        O/T – How are the rats in downtown Halifax? 🙂 Alberta is a “rat free” province and we have the Alberta Rat Patrol for the AB/Sask. border. I don’t know if there is a patrol on the B.C. side, likely not as the rats would have to climb the Rockies. This patrol doesn’t seem to work for eastern Cdn. big rats invading our province though. Maybe the big exit will continue with Notley’s tanking economic plans for AB.
        I’m typing nonsense but the Halifax rat story was on my newsfeed the other day.

        • I haven’t seen many rats. My cunning and icily ruthless world-class rodent-assassin of a cat brought me one a while ago (or else it somehow got in on its own). Poor thing. (I rather like them, at least in theory. They’re very intelligent. You know, for vermin.) But I think it was smallish. We’re definitely not swarming with them or anything.

          (“Rat Patrol”? You have taught me a new thing today, Linda. And the day is only three minutes old.)

          • Minicapt

            Real Albertan Terrorists …


  • marty_p

    The MSM in Canada are spending most of their time gushing over the fact that the Palestinians have a “team” and there is a “Refugee Team” composed of those who “escaped the brutality of their home countries” (who also have teams). I don’t get the refugee team… so we have Mohammed a Syrian on the “Refugee Team” and another guy named Mohammed on the “Syrian Team”…. it’s too confusing with two Syrians competing against each other on different “Teams” – much simpler to read the highlights in the morning paper and watch sitcom re-runs on TV.
    So CBC F off and don’t count my family in your skewed/inflated Olympic vewers count.

    • ontario john

      The media is already getting excited about the whiny indian games in Toronto next year. How much is that going to cost us?

  • WalterBannon

    The Olympics are about as thrilling as the Pan Am games which is to say not at all.

    But they do offer a lot of opportunity for pork by corrupt politicians and their cronies.