The McMartyrs of jihad

In what sort of universe does the vocation of suicide bomber make sense?

An article in Le Monde draws attention to the intellectual nullity of the ideas behind the terrorist attacks in France. It is now as if a whole society is being held to ransom or dominated by its worst and most stupid members. This is in stark contrast to the intelligence that is expended on trying to understand the stupid. To put it another way, the stupid are the stoat and the intelligent are the rabbit.

By now I must have read scores of articles on the subject and none of them has led me to a Eureka! moment, such that after it I understood what had previously puzzled me. I am not even sure any longer what to understand it would be like: how would I know that my understanding was true rather than illusory? What rings true is often, in fact, false.

  • Waffle

    Self-denial is not the Muslim way.

  • Brett_McS

    Some people say that the 9/11 bombers were bad Muslims, or not really Muslims at all, because they visited strip clubs etc before their mission. No, they just believed that those sins would be exculpated by their Jihad operation.

    The left has a hard time understanding this because they don’t believe that anyone can take religion – of any kind – seriously.

    • Doreencary4

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      • Minicapt

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        • Clink9

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      • Tweety58

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  • Millie_Woods

    The problem and the solution is obvious to me. I don’t know why we’re analysing the shit out of thse putzes and trying to fix the problem with pin-prick, haphazard responses. In contrast, it only took 4 and a half years to win WWII, the space race started in 1957, twelve years later we landed on the moon. This would get fixed PDQ if we had the right people in power who were willing to unleash the power of the modern technological state.

    • Brett_McS

      Yes, the problem is that we are trying to fix the problem with pin-prick haphazard responses. The Jihadis themselves are fleas. The real problem – that cannot be wished away by imagining the right people in power – is that we don’t put the right people in power.

  • moraywatson

    The prophette mohammed was not sane, therefore islam is not sane, ergo muslims are not sane. Muslims don’t “go off the reservation”, because there is no “reservation” in islam.