Syrian Prof: Arabs Migrate for ‘Sluts’ and Welfare, Attack When They Don’t Get It

A Syrian professor has asserted that Arab migrants see “slut” German women as fair game for assault and warned that the country is set to see “big social conflicts” as a result of Angela Merkel and EU open border policies.

Prof. Bassam Tibi said that the mass sex attacks in Cologne were a result of the migrants’ “value system”: furious at not being given a luxury lifestyle, they intended to “humiliate” Germans.

The professor, who now lives in Germany, said that Arab men come expecting “great apartments, blonde women and the welfare state”.

  • Observer

    I guess at least one Arab has assimilated and become German.

    The article does not state if he is Muslim or Christian, of some other faith or an atheist.

    • He’s Merkel’s secret lover!

      • J. C.

        If a goat can turn him on, then I guess Angie can too… *shudders* 🙁

        • Ottawa Eyes

          But the goat is less likely to have Mad Cow disease.

  • SMC_BC

    Muslims may have expected a better life style immigrating to the EU but that wasn’t their goal. Their goal has always been spreading Islam.

    • BillyHW

      Islam has done wonders for Syria.

  • BillyHW

    Angela Merkel should have to satisfy all their sexual needs.

  • Dana Garcia

    German firearms laws should be adjusted to the new diverse reality. If women were armed, and a few dozen Muslim corpses turned up, the whole “slut” meme among arabs would likely diminish.

    • xavier

      Dana agreed. The affront of these barbarian to think they’re entitled to a German lifestyle while contributing nothing must stop.

      So agreed when the uppity Arab agressors get ventilated with new holes their buddies will shriek and flee in horror.
      Bullies are cowards

  • k1962

    I guess it takes one to know one. The liberals need to pay attention.