‘Post-truth politics’: a smear on the masses

Those denouncing Brexit voters as hoodwinked fools are starting to sound like a cult.

Of all the shallow, conceited and pernicious phrases to have emerged in political discourse in recent years, the term ‘post-truth politics’ takes some beating. Forget ‘unwitting racism’. Bin ‘glass ceiling’. Be gone ‘check your privilege’. ‘Post-truth politics’ surpasses them all in the stakes for fraudulent and fatuous self-importance.

  • Daviddowntown

    This vote is well nigh miraculous given the bullying and slander layed on the Brexit supporters. The Brits have been slighted for the crimes foisted on them by the likes of david cameron but the blood and guts Brits pushed back and may have saved their country.

    • Doreencary4

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  • Waffle

    “But truth isn’t handed down to us by a deity or carved in stone by experts. Human beings create truths and we fight over them with proof and evidence, claim and counterclaim, with reason. We don’t resort to slander as a substitute. To accuse the masses of being ‘brainwashed’, of being ensnared by ‘propaganda’, of reading ‘dangerous and misleading words’ – these are not the arguments of rational beings. These are arguments made by cults.”

    It’s difficult to have a rational argument these days when so many people are so uninformed. For example, I know a fellow who brags that he is very well informed because he has 4 or 5 newspapers delivered to his door everyday. The only problem is they are all similar in their messaging — like there’s a real difference between The Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail and the National Post?

    The other factors mitigating against rational argument are the lack of vocabulary and a knowledge of even recent history. And lack of self-discipline is a biggie, so people resort to ad hominem attacks and profanities.

  • Gary

    When Rob Ford and Harper won with a solid Victory while Ford had a record high number in recent history, we heard the smug elite leftists saying democracy failed because idiots and morons should be allowed to vote.
    But when Wynne’s Liberals committed Election fraud and Crimes to delete eMails with the evidence , on top of close to $6 billion in scandals , they bought the Election from the teachers and Public sectors Unions but only squeaked by to get a Majority of seats.
    THAT’S when we heard the same people cheer and claim that Democracy worked.

    These types are dangerous , they seems to be will to resort to terrorism when the general violence and riots don’t work. In their minds they actually believe that violence is the only way to stop bad Democracy , but it’s only BAD to them when their fascist doesn’t will.

    David Suzuki would jail people that question Global Warming and yet he has 4 houses and jets around the Globe to make a carbon Footprint in 1 month that i would never make in my Life Time.
    Al Gore has a private Jet and owns 5 Houses

  • Shebel

    I can’t be bothered arguing …Waffle….. because I know that I am absolutely correct.
    There is nothing you can say or do that will change my mind.

  • Alain

    Words are important just as language is important. Few people understand the consequence of allowing cultural marxists or any agenda-driven group to hijack the language and bastardise the meaning of words. I have been saying this for longer than I can recall, and I just about always get the same reaction, which is indifference and that I am out to lunch. To cite just a few that have had dire consequences for our culture and society one need look no further than “gay” for homosexual, “gender” for the sex of a person, “fisher” for fisherman while fisher is actually an animal and the list goes on.

    • bargogx1

      I’ve got a hunch George Orwell would be in complete agreement with you. As am I.

    • tom_billesley

      One oft misused word is “democrat”.

  • Shebel

    It must really blow your mind now that there is something like 9 different genders. It is crazy . I give up . I just can’t wrap my mind around these Trannies.
    Anyway— You say words are important.
    What do you think about this ” Carbon” tax lingo ?
    For me it is meant to deceive.
    Can you imagine a Science teacher explaining to the kiddies that we must tax one of the main components of Photosynthesis , because it is destroying the Planet ?

    • Minicapt

      There might be many genders, but the numbers of sexes remains “two”.


  • bargogx1

    I have despised the whole “post-” prefix thing since the first time I ever saw it. It always seems to be used by pretentious twats spewing a bunch of pretentious twaddle.

  • tom_billesley

    Brits determined to be hoodwinked.
    Data from a YouGov survey shows that 46 percent of Britons think that voting to leave the EU was the “right decision,” while just 42 percent think it was the wrong move. The remaining 12 percent do not know.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Yes of course facts and reality no longer matter. The only sane response is to punch them in the face as hard as you can.