‘He almost hit my partner. I f—ing shot at him’; Body cam videos show deadly arrest of teen car thief

CHICAGO — Video released Friday shows Chicago police firing repeatedly at a stolen car as it careens down the street away from them, then handcuffing the mortally wounded black 18-year-old who was at the wheel after a chaotic foot chase through a residential neighbourhood.

  • John Boy

    But Black Thugs Matter!

  • Martin B

    Just like Michael Brown, Paul O’Neal was a scumbag criminal who got what he deserved. And just like Darren Wilson, another good man will be hounded out of his job and into hiding.

  • vwVwwVwv

    good shot, in germany we say weidmans heil, hail to the hunter.

  • ntt1

    dindoo nuffin another fledgling rap career snuffed out

  • Gary

    This looks like many of the serious crime cases in Toronto that deal with stolen cars or gun shots.
    The REAL Cops rush in and risk their live while the Little Blonde girl in a Cop Uniform shows up later for the media coverage as good PR for Diversity.
    I’m sure she got to work the Emergency Light and siren .

    In Toronto , female cops have a Back-up request rate of 90% when the Mean rate for males for similar 9-1-1 calls is under 30%. But there is now a
    LTD crisis for female Officers that suffer PTSD which is why the DNP and Liberal made it an Election issue to allow PTSD for Response Workers to get LTD benefits when all other Insurance Claims reject PTSD for NOT being a true Medical problem.

    So the Progressive’s pushed for gender Diversity to get the Police at a 50% female staffing no matter how much is costs Mentally or Financially to the taxpayers . The Police recruitment Posters LIED. You aren’t getting $90,000.00 a year to do Parade security during PRIDE, nor dance and smile at Cultural street festival, NOR cross walk duty for little kids by a school, or Point duty at the car accident or failed Intersection Lights.

    The age was dropped and the the height standards are gone. Now we have 21 year old hot heads fresh out of school where they may have been teased or taunted about being short .
    We give them gun while 90% of the criminals are bigger tan them to appear as a threat and …..BANG, another dead person and another Inquiry or Court case.

    Progressives now want to bring in radical homophobic muslim refugees by the thousands with their hope that they are all the GOOD muslims .
    Once the bombs go off and thousands are slaughtered by islamist or co-workers and beheaded……they will still cling to their Diversity and accept the slaughters as the cost for compassion and tolerance.

    We can’t afford mini-cops where it takes 3 of them to do the work of 1 of the older REAL cops. A couple of years back i saw a female cop get out of a cruiser while the male cop behind the wheel wait as she went into a 7/11.
    This female cop looked about 5-6 which was fine, but once she walked away from the car and I saw all of her she had a waddle and was obese to the point that she COULD NOT pass a fitness test or chase a fleeing crook more that 300 feet before getting of of breath .

    When the Fire Fighters are force to drop the standard and be Diverse, we’re screwed .

  • Backa Bock

    Firing at the car from 30+ meters as it sped away was against protocol because it is dangerous to the public. You should be concerned that American cops seem to have a lack of training in their firearm use. I am a firm believer that rehabilitation for the suspect would not have been possible, and am comfortable with capital punishment, but the cop isn’t judge dredd.