French Muslim association proposes tax on halal food to fund mosques and fight radicalisation

The levy would fund a foundation for French mosques to reduce foreign funding.


  • What a great idea, and how refreshing to see French Muslims participating in the fight against terrorism – this must signal the point where the entire world unites to take a stand against Islamic radicalization.

    Or maybe it’s something else entirely.

    First, the revenue stream is dependent on halal foods so it justifies ever-increasing numbers of halal food outlets.

    Second, it funds French mosques with French funds, which is currently illegal
    in France. This new law would replace the lost foreign funds with State,
    not private, money.

    Third, it funds French Imam’s salaries. Does France really want to set that precedent?

    Fourth and most damning: “The idea has been supported by politicians on both the right and left.” This single item proves that French politicians have no interest in the safety of the French people or continued existence of France; they are pandering for the new refugee voting bloc and bowing to the gods of political correctness, and are active participants in the destruction of the country they claim
    to represent.

    This proposal may not pass, but it’s indicative of the political attitude in France today and shows how closely the French government is working with groups like The French Council of the Muslim Faith to promote all aspects of Islam across French culture.

    • John

      but it’s indicative of the political attitude in France today and
      shows how closely the French government is working with groups like The
      French Council of the Muslim Faith to promote Islamic expansion

      The morons still think they can house train mohamedeans by concocting a ‘French’ Islam.

      All they’ll get is a beret balanced on a burkha.


  • tom_billesley

    Fight radicalisation by building more mosques? That’s a lead balloon.

  • Dana Garcia

    They think non-Saudi funded mosques will be nice and accept assimilation? Good luck with that. The problem remains in the murder manual that is their special book.

    I don’t think Islam can be reformed or fixed. It can only be quarantined.

  • tom_billesley

    All food stores must sell bacon.
    It’s vital for self-defence when you’re not allowed to carry a gun.

  • Justin St.Denis

    The French simply love government beaureacracy and legislation. So here they are indulging themselves again.

    I’ve a better idea for the French. Since the majority of French muslims live on welfare/benefits of some kind, why not simply REDUCE those benefits and DIVERT the funds to efforts to combat islamic radicalization? Better still, why not send the diverted funds to Christian churches and orgs to reignite the fire of Christianity among the French mainstream?

  • John

    And as more and more halal meat is introduced into mainstream markets, usually without wide public knowledge, France’s Muslim leaders will have a steady and growing source of income. It’s just a Muslim sales tax, one which will be paid more by non-Muslims than Muslims themselves. The end game simply results in huge numbers of non-Muslims unwittingly subsidizing the construction of mosques and islamic schools.

    My house is my house and YOUR house is my house.

    I’d propose a direct Muslim tax ( collected by the gov’t) paid exclusively by Muslims alone.

    Deducted right at source.

    My house is my house, and THEIR house is their house.

  • john700

    But, but, but…our dear leaders tell us that terrorism has nothing to do with Islam.
    Another thing: I think this tax will end up funding terrorism.

  • robins111

    Better idea, a 55% tax on all mosque funds and a 55% tax on all halal products, to be directed to victims of jihadist activities in those countries, a board made up of combat vets to administer the funds, nobody above the rank of Sgt. Will be allowed to sit on the board.

  • simus1

    The “Camel’s Nose In The Tent Tax”.
    No doubt the “Halal Tax” would also involve a govt grant/ rebate for “poor muslims”
    of perhaps 10x their actual out of pocket expense.
    An additional difficulty is that halal is just a total scam on the muslim community by the usual suspects.

  • ed

    it`s called “ZAKAT ” the tax is already paid 3% on halal , FFS !

    • Justin St.Denis

      That is not what is being addressed here.

    • Ego

      Zakat (almsgiving) is a tax that Muslims must pay to give back to poor Muslims. Unbelievers cannot pay zakat.
      What unbelievers pay is jizya.