Dear Hillary: DNC Hack Solved, So Now Stop Blaming Russia

I have some news for Hillary and Democrats—I think I’ve got the real culprit. It doesn’t seem to be the Russians that hacked the DNC, but instead a hacker who goes by the name of Guccifer 2.0. The original Guccifer famously hacked Hillary’s home email server, you might remember.

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  • RAMA44
  • However, an analysis by DEBKAfile’s intelligence and cyber defense sources has determined that the hacking was almost certainly not carried out by the GRU’s cyber warfare branch, contrary to assertions by senior DNC officials who fix the blame on Russian intelligence.

    • And I wonder what happened with the original “Guccifer” — Romanian hacker Marcel Lazăr Lehel — who was extradited to the US, convicted this spring and now awaiting sentencing. He’s never in the news. In addition to hacking memos between Blumenthal and Hillary and a whole bunch of other political people, he also claims to have hacked Hillary’s server. US investigators apparently discount his latter claim, but it’s strange that at least the Media would not be debating a bombshell like that.

    • Avi! Where ya been? Good to see you back.

    • El Martyachi

      That’s nearly a fact-free analysis by DEBKAfile.

  • ontario john

    I see the media is reporting that Obama has sent back 97 Cubans to Cuba that tried to escape on a boat. I’m sure they will be spending a lot of years rotting in a communist prison. Yet Obama and Hillary want to bring thousands of muslim savages every year to the U.S. Funny old world isn’t it.

  • Please pay no attention to that erroneous article.and stand by while the facts are adjusted to fit the narrative.

  • Gary

    Hillary is now bringing up that it’s 4 years since Trump’s Birther campaign to attack Obama.
    But the media archives show that Hillary started the rumor to attack Obama in the 2012 election by claiming he wasn’t born in Hawaii.

    Her memory is so f’d up that she needs top kept away from the White House
    as the President .

    Obama’s birth record could have been solved by a simple move for the Clerk in Hawaii to use their phone Video and record pulling his Card from the file to put in the scanner and dial the White House Number and wait for “Connect” and “received” with all the ID codes. Then the White House makes a video of the receiving Scan to make the Time stamps and TADA….. issue over.
    Please don’t tell me that Hawaii doesn’t have Computers and Scanners or Fax machines and cell Phones with a Video functions.