Fed government sponsors conference on the links between “Terrorizm, Wahhabism, Zionism”

That a large gathering of groups extolling violence, Marxism, anti-semitic and anti-American 911 conspiracy theories is set to take place at McGill University in Montreal next week is odd. But what takes it beyond being merely odd and into the realm of being an outrageous breach of responsibility, is that they are receiving official sponsorship from the governments of Canada and Quebec.

Here’s a screen-shot of the ad space bought by the Feds in the forum program with the Terrorizm, Wahhabism, Zionism conference outline overlayed.

World Forum Sponsor - Federal Government1

This is not an “extraordinary” event. Anti-semitism is the Mother’s Milk of Islam, a fact our “betters”, the same folks who unleashed mass immigration from Islamic states, willfully ignore.


Note that the JDL will be protesting this event in Montreal on Wednesday August 10th.