The great Olympics betrayal: With £9bn spent, we were promised that London 2012 would leave a golden legacy for the local community. Four years on, the reality is very different

What has become of the promises that have been the mantra of successive British politicians since Tony Blair was in power: that London 2012 would revive East London’s fortunes with a massive redevelopment on a scale not seen since the great days of Empire?

  • UCSPanther

    The Olympics have a long history of being plagued with failure, political wrangling, misconduct and resource waste.

    The only places that seem to want the games now are authoritarian states that don’t care about “inconveniences” like human rights…

    • Deborahrdamron3

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  • Millie_Woods

    Wrestlemania is more credible and less vulgar.

  • simus1

    Post WW2 Olympic games facilities have a very long history of being ever more poorly designed efforts using inferior materials thrown together in money wasting crash programs.
    Just the way politicians at the trough and their favoured rent seeking pals want it.