The awful truth behind the bread and circuses

As Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau dances and sways to the music and jubilation of Vancouver’s pride parade, many Canadians swell with pride, secure in the knowledge that we represent freedom, generosity of spirit, and cultural/religious pluralism. Surely, we possess all the attributes of a mature, democratic society.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Beneath the “liberal” veneer, our government supports Wahhabism, misogyny, terrorism, madrassa/Wahhabi schools, death squads, death cults, and civilian massacres.

Instead of furthering the causes of knowledge, growth, humanity, and civilization, we are fostering barbarity and ignorance.

h/t Marvin

  • ontario john

    And Trudeau is more than eager to show his U.N. credentials and continue his childish obsession with Harper, by throwing Canadian troops into muslim hellholes in Africa. Yes, the defense minister is in Africa to see what islamic cesspool troops can sink into. When I was in the military I went to many of these UN disasters, and it was always about making the politicians at home look good.

  • ismiselemeas

    I read the article twice but couldn’t make head nor tail of it. It has the whiff of “conspiracy theory” cloaked in “fact based reality”. Rather than the west orchestrating the chain of events, as the author would have it, the jihadists merely occupied vacuums created by monumentality stupid foreign policy decisions from the Balkans to Syria. This doesn’t make the jihadists intelligent, it only highlights how incomprehensibly stupid everyone else is because the jihadis really are very, very stupid. I mean, they embrace islam and you simply can’t get any more stupid than that.

    • Valid points

    • Frances

      I agree with you; the whole article reeked of “it’s all the west’s fault”. Though anyone who accuses Mossad and Soros of being in bed together, so to speak, has a really interesting imagination.

    • bargogx1

      One of the articles it uses as a source is even more problematic. It contains this gem – “Engineered islamophobia is all part of the Western psy- op to demonize all Muslims, to create fear, to create racism, and to create hatred —
      vital components for illegal wars of aggression”

      Now if you buy the premise of both articles, then the people who are influencing the general populace to “demonize all Muslims” are the exact same people who are demonizing people for supposedly demonizing Muslims. Come to think of it though, as crazy as that sounds, at this point things are so crazy that it actually wouldn’t suprise me. We are living in such Orwellian times that the idea of influencing people to behave a certain way, then denouncing them for that very same behaviour doesn’t seem all that far-fetched.

  • iamnowon

    This article had a whiff of something familiar, and then I came across the name “Chossudovsky”, confirming my suspicions. He’s the spinner in chief behind the site, a vast well of anti-West, anti-US subjects.

  • Jay Currie

    This is the sort of article which drives me mad. Just enough factual material to make it sound faintly plausible; but mainly anti-American spin.

    I fear that the boffins in Washington are not bright enough to concoct such elaborate schemes. And the entire article reeks of clever Wahabbis teaming up with brilliant Jews to… Well that’s the question. At a bet this bit of disinformation seems to silently do the work of Iran.

  • Remember – Trudeau is a puppet.

    I shudder to think what other puppets his backers have in line should Trudeau get the boot.

  • Gary

    Liberals now want to make it easier for terrorist to come to canada and join the RCMP since they now included the Hijab in the un-uniform uniform and you don’t have to be born in Canada with Loyalty to Canada.
    Justin even made sure that when the RCMP islamists go jihad to slaughter us, they won’t lose the Citizenship and can slaughter more when they get out.
    We can only hope that the first suicide-bomber in a RCMP outfit will go Jihad in the SCOC that has f’d up this nation since the 1980’s which included making Tourists as protected Minority group in canada that can apply for Welfare and all the other social services while here if they choose not to leave.
    Up to 75% of the refugees get rejected as tourists, but it costs us $750,000,000.00 a year which means that $500 million of your tax dollars goes to pay for the Vacations of foreigners that don’t want to leave and get our Health care and welfare.

    The SCOC now makes the Laws and no longer enforces them , so when the bombs go off as an islamists RCMP member go es Jihad in a Hospital for Children…let’s makes sure the SCOC gets full credit plus the Human Rights Commissions.

  • Justin St.Denis

    Canada will soon be internationally recognized as a total clustefuck under boy wonder Justin Of No Discernible Intelligence.