‘Mental Health Issues’ No Excuse for Islamic Terrorism

Did Adolf Hitler have “mental health issues”?

I would like to think so, because to regard Der Furher as normal would be a terrifying commentary on the human race and likely mean it would never have survived.

Now how about those ISIS characters who take videos of themselves lopping people’s heads off and then sticking those heads on poles to make a fence? Psychologically normal or not?

  • Ed

    there was no talk of “mental illness” when mark lepine killed all those female students in Quebec. No no… that was a killing spree that showed the universal latent violence in men vs women, and required annual marches and vigils to remind us, constantly, of the danger men pose. One guy condemns an entire gender, and the liberal media never tire of the narrative. But hundreds of islam guys… nope. Just lone wolves and fruitcakes with “mental illness.”

    • terrence22

      And the slime stream media NEVER use his mooslime name, mention that he was killing females because under mooslim females are NOT to be educated – he was only doing what the koran told him to do

  • simus1

    Mustapha Mamoud Mohamed who was bullied once when he was 6 according to unreliable sources etc etc etc …………………… set off the car bomb that killed 500 people.
    There are absolutely no known connections to militants at this moment

  • marty_p

    On the other hand – perhaps we can look at it in a slightly different way – anyone who follows Islam is mentally ill.

  • HRT

    Having lived and worked with the sand people for over 6 years I can confirm that anyone who is a full on Muslim is, prima facie, a lunatic.

  • Cat-astrophe

    The left says its not insanity its relativism.

  • The excuses are getting more and more imaginative.

    Let’s suppose for a moment that these mental health issues are accurate. After all, there is only so much inbreeding and music-banning one can take before going crackers. Isn’t this further proof that cultures that do not take mental illness seriously should not be indulged in First World nations?