Girl, six, is forced to marry 55-year-old man in exchange for a goat being given to her father in Afghanistan

According to the father, who also allegedly received rice, tea, sugar and cooking oil for his daughter, he and his family were desperate for food and by selling his daughter he had one less mouth to feed.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    The goat was underage.

  • Okay – why can’t we nuke Afghanistan?

  • Martin B

    Just in case you had any doubts that girls are below goats in the Islamic scheme of things…

  • Gary

    Knowing Trudeau and Wynne with their ties to Ben Levin and Brent Hawkes. I wouldn’t be shock if they legalize pedophilia to get the islamists and homofascist votes .

    • Will Quest

      Pedophilia is the next ‘Human-Right’ for the ‘progressives ‘ moving forward in their sewage holding tanks…..