Germany: Over 26 Percent Of Welfare Support Recipients Are Refugee Immigrants

Only 54 migrants out of over 1 million have gotten jobs at any major firms, Breitbart reported last month.

“Fifty of these are employed by the German post office, and the vast majority of top German companies hired none at all. Software giant SAP reported having two migrants working for them, and pharmaceutical manufacturer Merck also said they had hired two.”

  • Now that’s diversity!

  • Slickfoot

    And the only reason the post office hired them was to go into muzzlim ghettos where civilized people won’t go.

  • John Boy

    This sort of crap has been going on for decades.

    Here is a blast from the past posted repeatedly by him to the internet especially in immigration and foreign group pages in 1994 onwards by a Toronto local who has run for city council and claims to be an “Islamic banker”.!topic/can.general/KfJb2lpA6Sg

    This continues on for pages and pages including providing a long list of
    nonprofit groups and lawyers who specialize in keeping you here even if
    you are here illegally. What an industry the immigration and refugee business is.


    Himy Syed 28/12/1994

    How to get into Canada

    Are you looking for the land of milk and honey, where you can have a
    much better life without even working? Then you are looking for

    Even if you are just looking for a “Western” country, or want to get
    into the United States of America, Canada is a very easy stepping
    stone to these other countries.

    Why Canada?

    Canada has the most generous of all government benefit programs as
    well as being the easiest country to get into in the whole world.


    As a refugee or “landed immigrant” in Canada you can not run for
    political office or vote in provincial election, but other than that
    you are legally entitled to more government benefits than do their own
    citizens. (It is a pretty good idea when you do get to the country to
    join one of the mainstream political parties, as it will help you in
    the future to get high paying political appointments to various
    government departments and committees.) You can get free housing,
    free health care, free day-care (for your children,) free education,
    free money, free food, and all levels of government: federal,
    provincial and municipal, will fight each other to see who will give
    you the most. In addition there are religious organization who will
    give you free help, plus many government funded multicultural (ethnic)
    groups who will do everything possible to make your life there as easy
    and prosperous as possible. Ever if you are not a citizen, the
    government will give you money to start your own multicultural
    organization to help other people going to Canada. If you do get
    government funding to set up such a group, you decide what salary to
    pay yourself, limited only by the size of the government grant.

    If you want a job, any job, you have advantages over many Canadian
    citizens, and more rights than white Canadian males. The federal
    (Canadian) government and many provinces have Employment Equity Laws
    that set minimum quotas for (ethnic) minorities and women, based upon
    local statistics. This gives you an advantage in jobs, especially
    management positions, even if you don’t have any experience in that
    occupation. If you are obviously non-white, you are almost guaranteed
    a government job, if you want one. Should you not get a job you want,
    not only can you make a complaint with an Employment Equity Commission
    you can also go to the provincial and federal Human Rights Commission.
    There are also many training programs available free of charge to
    assist you, that are not available to citizens. The government will
    even give you money to start your own business.

    Should you decide you don’t want to work, but instead receive Welfare
    or Family Benefits, there is no difficulty in doing so. The more
    children you have (or claim are yours though they might not be) the
    more money you will get. They are so liberal in their social services
    policies, so eager to please, that the administration of these
    programs is set up so that you can easily falsely register as five or
    ten or more people and therefore receive five or ten or more times the
    benefits and never get caught. Many people do this and use the money
    to purchase their own home, or a multiple unit dwelling they can then
    rent out to other newcomers.

    The government benefits you receive are highest in the major urban
    areas (and their surrounding areas) such as Vancouver (and Richmond,)
    British Columbia, Toronto (North York, Scarborough, Etobicoke,
    Mississauga and Bramalea,) Ontario, and in Montreal, Province of
    Quebec. The government encourages newcomers to settle in these areas,
    and with the assistance of multicultural (ethnic) organizations, will
    assist you in doing so.

    Education is free for your children. If you get enough people from
    your home country to petition a school to have a “Heritage Language
    Program” the school will be obliged to teach your children your home
    language. If the school doesn’t already have a teacher who knows that
    language, they will be obliged to hire one of the parents (or another
    person) who knows that language and can teach it to the children (and
    the language teachers does not need to have any teaching or other
    credentials to do so).


    for the pages more of details and how to scam Canadians out of their wealth by marrying them go to!topic/can.general/KfJb2lpA6Sg

  • The Butterfly


  • Exile1981

    SAP likely hired them in non-technical capacity.

  • canminuteman

    Violent, retarded, illiterate goat herders have so much to offer in a modern industrial economy!

  • tom_billesley

    Fifty four. That many?

  • Dana Garcia

    What were they expecting??

    Anyway, Germany is using a lot of robots and never needed Muslim workers at all. Germany is the fifth largest robot market in the world.

  • marty_p

    They probably tell their relatives back home that they work for the German Government.

  • Jessiemac

    It’s a liberal disease. A poll from the US:


    A survey by the Maxwell Poll on the political affiliation of those receiving government aid benefits showed this to be the case:

    Benefit Voting Democrat Voting Republican

    Public housing 81.00% 12.00%

    Medicaid 74.00% 16.00%

    Food stamps 67.00% 20.00%

    Unemployment 66.00% 21.00%

    Disability (from gov) 64.00% 25.00%

    Welfare/Public asst. 63.00% 22.00%