The cost of Islam: French city cancels famed flea market over Muslim terrorism concerns

A renowned annual flea market in northern France has been cancelled due to security fears.

The city of Lille has cancelled its famed Grande Braderie de Lille flea market, with Mayor Martine Aubry describing it as a “painful decision” but saying people’s safety is the top priority.

“We have really tried our best, but there are risks we cannot reduce,” Aubry told a news conference alongside Michel Lalande, the region’s governing head.

Lalande said the “hyper-urban format [of the market] with its streets full of people,” left them no alternative but to cancel the event for this year.

He added: “There comes a time, despite our passions and our convictions, when we have to say stop.”

  • Observer

    Finally the French are adapting to their new masters.

    • Not the first time this has happened in France, the lights are going out.

      • Maurixio Garciasanchez

        The freedom of expression is under extincion now , tolerance has to dissappear and make those politicians to resign.

      • Slickfoot

        In the past they’ve surrendered to organized snappily dressed armies, this time it’s to rag tag louse infested 7th century throwbacks many of which are drooling morons.

    • Exactly.

  • Editor

    And you have chosen, Madame Mayor, to “say stop” to a French tradition that dates back to the 12th century rather than ask for the help of every available cop, CRS, and government security personel and “say stop” to radical islam. France is lost.

  • Brett_McS

    “Everyone must understand that we are in this situation and that sometimes that entails constraints” on anything and everything other than Muslims and immigration from Islamic countries, which must continue unabated.

  • Millie_Woods

    “..despite our passions and our convictions..”

    Gag, retch, puke.

  • Gary

    How many people from Toronto remember squeezing in that last day at the CNE and taking the streetcars from Dufferin and Princes gates with the stuff animals they won and food stains on the shirt . Darkness fell and the Midway lit up to signal back to school Tuesday or back to work where you had one last ride on the Flyer or Alpine Way . Stroll to exits with sore feet as you catch the sounds coming fro the Grand Stand show doing it’s last song around 10:00 pm .

    Not any more , the closing riots and thefts to fenders by gangs of Black youths that also rioted on Yonge Street had pretty well forced the CNE to close early before dark and hire more security.
    The 1,000,000 muslims in Canada now costs us $50.00 per muslim for national Security while we see how the BLM terrorists are now made up of some of the Muslim Brotherhood islamists wanting to bring riots to Canada via fake hate-crimes to muslims as real crimes by muslims go unreported by the CBC and STAR.

    The old Canada is dead , our Laws are enforced based on your colour and religion if you are not known to strap bombs to your children or behead Co-workers and don’t riot from the least bit of feeling offended.
    Trudeau and Hillary will take down the borders and we will see millions of refugees pouring across for our FREE health care and the Welfare Industrial Complex that grew during the good times and hasn’t stopped.

    The lazy malcontent’s seems to go to the nations they can bilk and never have to get a job. Close to 70% of the muslims in Europe are on welfare no matter how many Imams boast about muslims being productive and having the lowest welfare rates.
    islam makes everyone equally stupid, oppressed and poor. islam hasn’t invented anything for over 500 years , not even a new Paper Clip or can opener.
    So much for allahs Master-Race destine to rule the Earth , once they l
    kill off the hard working smart people they will be back to candles and pressed dates that will be washed down with yellow water from a local river the animal piss in .

  • John

    From the article: Security experts, such as J.M. Berger, a fellow at George Washington University, agreed, adding that the situation is likely to get worse
    before it gets better.

    No. Shit. Sherlock.

    Security Expert?

    Then I’m Einstein.

    I’d love to speed up the ‘expert’s’ learning curve by politely informing him that it will NEVER get better.