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blmThe New Demands of Black Lives Matter

Tenacious in distorting reality and inciting violence against police, the Black Lives Matter movement is at it again. Not satisfied with forcing colleges like Harvard, Yale and Princeton to remove “head master” from professors’ titles or change building names they deem racist, BLM recently issued policy demands.

bigstock-Strange-Folk-8202637Education scholar: ‘middle-class’ dress codes are white privilege

A University of Georgia (UGA) doctoral student says that high school dress codes based on middle-class values of modesty and professionalism unfairly target minority students.

In an essay shared by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Rouhollah Aghasaleh, a PhD candidate in middle and secondary education at UGA, writes that dress codes unfairly discriminate against the hip hop culture enjoyed by young black students and others who come from working class backgrounds.

nuclear footballHillary fears Trump ‘having his finger on the nuclear button’

Trump ‘shouldn’t have his finger on the button’, Hillary Clinton said about the Republican presidential candidate in Columbus, Ohio, in June.

But not only is there no button to allow the president to unleash nuclear weapons, contrary to popular myth, there are no codes used by the president to accomplish such a strike.

Instead, the president is supplied with what is known as the nuclear football. A leather-covered titanium business case that weighs 40 pounds, the nuclear football is secured with a cipher lock.

A soldier of the Brazilian Armed Forces stands guard outside the 2016 Rio Olympic Park in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, July 24, 2016. REUTERS/Pilar Olivares

FBI targets Olympic bio bombers

The spate of recent ISIS attacks around the world — and Brazil’s lack of experience of dealing with terrorism — have led to a sense of real urgency in Rio.

And after ISIS started translating its vile propaganda into Portuguese, experts fear horror attacks at the Olympic Games are imminent.

trump smilingEstablishment Media Smear Campaign to Declare Trump “Mentally Unfit” to be President

Members of the Democratic-Media establishment along with GOP insiders have begun a campaign to portray Donald Trump as mentally unfit to be president, despite the fact that all signs indicate it’s Hillary Clinton who is mentally incapable of taking the hot seat.

The campaign began with Barack Obama declaring Trump “unfit to serve” and has now morphed into a petition launched by California Democrat Rep. Karen Bass demanding that Trump undergo a mental health evaluation.

mosque in dearbornThe Mosque is the Barracks of Radical Islam

Islamist Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that “the mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers.” We are witnessing the truth of his remarks.

Churches, synagogues, temples and mosques are just some examples of places where individuals go to worship, pray, learn, and fellowship. However, there might be more going on at the local mosque or Islamic center than just songs of praise. These places can also serve as incubators for radicalization for Islamists and jihadists. The Muslim Brotherhood has already given us an idea of the role that the mosque/Islamic center plays in their plan to establish an Islamic Caliphate with the implementation of Sharia law.

obama-middle-fingerUN Backs Secret Obama Takeover of Police

Here’s how it works: the Civil Rights Division at the Department of Justice files a lawsuit in federal court against a city, county, or state, alleging constitutional and civil rights violations by the police or at a corrections facility. It is done under 42 U.S.C. § 14141, a section of the 1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act, granting the attorney general the power to prosecute law enforcement misconduct. The municipality then simply agrees to the judicial finding — without contest — and the result is a wide-reaching federal court order that imposes onerous regulations on local police.

canada flagCanada: Taxpayers fund gender-segregated airport mosque for Muslim refugees

We’re banning the Lord’s Prayer, but we’re building mosques with tax dollars. But not just any mosque. A gender apartheid mosque. Men over there. Women over there.

So the very first thing these Syrians are seeing is not the Canadian belief in the equality of men and women.

Welcome to Canada — sharia law style.

ar-15Why Everyone Should Care About the Latest CA Gun Control Laws

On the eve of the Fourth of July weekend, Governor Jerry Brown (CA) signed into law six gun-control bills that some say strip citizens of their constitutional rights. The rights violated are claimed to go beyond the second amendment by opponents and make California the state with the strictest gun laws in the nation.

The new laws go as far as banning types of semiautomatic rifles that are currently legal, and regulate the sale of ammunition. At the same time these laws are being passed down for the average citizen to follow, certain classes of citizens are allowed exemption from the new laws. The exemptions, opponents to the new laws say, are also a violation of the constitution.

isisISIS Kill List Names 15,000 Christian Americans Targeted for Death

According to a report recently made public, early this year, ISIS specifically identified 15,000 Christian Americans for death and instructed jihadists already in America to begin widespread murder.

The Kill List report comes in the wake of ISIS already publicly warning American and British Christians that “they were next.” British police last week publicly warned its 5.4 million Christians to be on alert and in some areas increased security.

syrian refugeesSyrian refugees design app for navigating German bureaucracy

The app has been developed at ReDI, a Berlin non-profit “school for digital integration” that teaches asylum seekers how to code. Bureaucrazy aims to combine three basic functions: a translation service that renders German official documents into Arabic and English, a multiple-choice decision tree for frequently encountered problems, and a mapping service that sends applicants to the right council office.

While the programme is still in development, the group is searching for coding support and financial backers in order to launch by 1 January next year. Eventually, they hope, their product could guide those arriving in Germany through everything from opening their own bank account, renting a flat, applying for a university course or registering at a job centre.

Mosque and welfare benefits office locations conspicuously absent from article.