We are all “the fetus” now, Part I: A tale of Planned Parenthood

A couple of weekends ago, a successful progressive came to see me on a minor matter. I don’t know how it happened but somehow she saw fit to inform me that the people who recently exposed Planned Parenthood’s baby parts business are liars.

I made clear that I think abortion and euthanasia are just wrong.

I didn’t mention that I have good personal cause to doubt that the exposers are “liars” (see below), because she was already in full progressive rant.

Indeed, she went on to various rapid-fire “talking points” that seemed to be from the US Democrat platform. I did not respond to any of them. We are both Canadians and in truth, I don’t know much about some of those issues. But I reiterated my opposition to abortion and euthanasia.

She then descended into a high-pitched, nearly incomprehensible rant, where the only words I could make out were: Pope Francis! [Fork] you! Compassion! [Fork] you! Late term abortion is necessary! [Fork] you! Pope Francis! [Fork] you! Compassion! [Fork] you! Euthanasia is okay! [Fork] you! Pope Francis! [Fork] you! Compassion! [Fork] you!, while she was rushing out the door.

And then she shrieked [Fork] you! [Fork] you! [Fork] you! [Fork] you!] through the car window and drove away.

Oh well, we can’t please everyone.

Some people do lie. I know because Planned Parenthood lied to me, sixteen years ago, when I was investigating their live baby dismemberment trade for a major American magazine. The free intro to the article is below.

Why do I doubt that Center for Medical Progress was “proved to be lying” (her words)? Planned Parenthood’s live baby body parts trade has been going on for decades, as is well known. I covered it sixteen years ago.

The trade is protected at the highest levels of US government. That was the likely reason for the recent false prosecution in Texas. All charges against the exposers had to be dropped as was anticipated, but the intended message gets out: Try to save those kids and you risk Planned Parenthood’s Top People making your life a hell. As one crowing supporter of PP put it, “Anyone who aims at Cecile Richards had better not miss!”

Meanwhile, as babies born alive from abortions have less protection than lab rats, my progressive visitor would likely be delighted to know that Planned Parenthood does not at present face charges for things like “Planned Parenthood TX Abortion Apprentice Taught Partial-Birth Abortion to “Strive For” Intact Heads.” One wonders when CMP will be kicked off YouTube for revealing that.

But yes, some people do lie. Planned Parenthood lied to me in 2000, when I was investigating their live baby dismemberment trade for a major American magazine. The free intro to the article is below.

While on assignment, investigating the matter, I had phoned Planned Parenthood of America and got someone who—unusually for the time—appeared to live on a cell phone. She informed me that Planned Parenthood affiliates did not do abortions over three months gestation.

In those days, living on a cell phone did not give a person easy access to the internet.

She may not have even known much about the internet. So she may not have realized that it would take me all of five minutes to find out that some Planned Parenthood affiliates advertised abortions up to six months gestation online.

I spoke to a knowledgeable person about that at the time and she said, “Oh yes, that’s Planned Parenthood. Lies. Lies. Lies.”

The PP spokeswoman may have assumed that I was a typical legacy media cokesnort who, even if I found her out, would cover up for her. Self-censorship in this area is routine. And no wonder. People who try to investigate baby murder find themselves in inexplicable troubles.

On the subject of “lies” (“liars” “lying”), it’s worth keeping in mind that the progressive uses a different standard from a traditional thinker. There is no truth, fact, or evidence for a progressive. There is only narrative, spin, and talking points. As Steven Pinker put it, our brains are shaped for fitness, not for truth, and sometimes truth is not adaptive. Certainly not in this case.

Perhaps, in the presence of an abortionist carving up a live baby for on-demand parts, the “[Fork you!] lady” will come up with the talking points that spin the narrative she needs. She gets ahead in her career. And anyone who cites facts as an excuse for departing from the politically correct narrative is “a liar,” a non-progressive, who deserves setbacks or punishment.

This is the world traditional thinkers will soon be living in if we cannot throw it off.

It’s interesting. In Canada today, the unborn child has no rights whatever (the worst scene in the Western world, a fact knowledgeable folk on Parliament Hill attribute to widespread acquiescence in the scandal of current pro-life leadership) .

Put another way: A woman nine months pregnant could announce to her doctor that she wants an abortion in order to sell her child’s body parts, and the doctor would be forced to refer. Doctors no longer have the right to refuse a referral in Ontario.

And some “pro-life” doctors are “comfortable” referring for euthanasia. Yet they are allowed to be part of the “pro-life doctors” group, instead of just being asked to discreetly resign. So you wouldn’t even know what it means if a doctor says she is “pro-life.”

So where are we now? Nazis who do not even realize they are Nazis are growing up among us. And no one gives a boo.

This cannot end well.

Human Commodities
The grisly business of trafficking in fetal body parts may soon face Congressional hearings.
By Denyse O’Leary/ MARCH 6, 2000
Prolife members of Congress are pushing for hearings as early as this spring on the issue of trafficking in fetal body parts. The hearings, stemming from a voice vote last November, will study a little-known loophole that circumvents federal laws banning the commercial sale of human body parts. The hearings may also shed light on a controversial part of the American abortion industry: the fate of second- and third-trimester premature infants who are aborted with their vital organs and limbs intact, allowing for use by biomedical researchers. At the center of the allegations is the controversial Kelly, the pseudonym for a former employee of the Anatomic Gift Foundation (AGF), which is headquartered in Maryland with regional offices in Colorado and Arizona. The firm specializes in obtaining human organs and limbs for researchers across the United States. Kelly says her job, as on-site representative for AGF at an unidentified Planned Parenthood affiliate, was to dissect bodies, sometimes living, and ship the parts to researchers, usually under an innocuous name such as “biomedical specimens.”Kelly says she would get a daily list of the parts researchers wanted (eyes, livers, brains), and she understood that she was to procure the best, defect-free specimens. She says that each week she would see about 30 or 40 fetuses at around seven months’ gestation and that several at various ages of gestation would be born alive. She alleges that a staff physician would kill any such newborn. Kelly claims that after an incident in early 1997 she developed profound misgivings about her work. A physician wanted her to dissect twins of five and one-half months who had just been aborted but were not yet dead. She immediately protested. In …

The free copy comes to an end at that point, but somewhere in the article, you will find an allusion to what happened. But nothing came of any Congressional hearings, of course. Nothing ever will until progressivism becomes a highly unpopular minority approach to life.

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