Not All US Muslim Soldiers Are Equal

Bronze Star and Purple Heart recipient Captain Humayun Khan died heroically. But his exceptional courage in Iraq and his Muslim father’s post-Democratic convention histrionics on TV do not erase the security threat posed by killer warriors of Allah infiltrating our troops.

Don’t take my word for it. Ask all the forgotten Gold Star moms and dads who have lost their children because politically correct pushovers at the Pentagon looked the other way at the Muslim military menace.

  • Shebel

    A Soldier in the USA Military dies in Battle .. Ho HUM— there are lots of them.
    A Muslim Soldier in the USA Military dies in Battle—– and it is such a strange phenomenon— that Hillary Clinton uses this as blanket coverage of ALL Muslims.

    Not to mention the Lowlife that is his DADDY.

  • Gary

    The Fort Hood Jihadists was a maj. and he now cancels out the good that Khan’s son did. Cpt. Khan die only once , Nidal Hussein slaughtered 13 Soldiers for allah .

  • bob e

    still yet to discover what this ‘captain’ actually did. there are other stories out there.
    son of a hard core paki jihadist does not suddenly love the stars & stripes. one
    story goes he put his squad in position to be blown away along with himself.
    who know..

  • Shebel

    He is just a fucking Rodent and she is a fat fucking Pig. Just an opinion.