Muslim extremist Ahmad Elomar walks free from Goulburn jail clutching a copy of the Koran

Ahmad Elomar Muslim TerroristAhmad Elomar, the brother of a notorious Islamic State terrorist, has walked free from prison after three years – without a single family member or friend there to pick him up.

Police warned the State Parole Authority three months ago that Elomar, 33, should not be released from prison because he held the same extremist Islamic beliefs as his dead sibling Mohamed and his associate Khaled Sharrouf.

  • Achmed


    He is no Muslim extremist. He is a true follower of Islam and a good Muslim!

  • Shebel

    Just another devout Muslim that wants to murder women and fuck babes.

  • Gary

    Once I woke-up to the fact that Liberals are stupid , i was no longer shocked at their suicide-pack with islam .
    Justin is bent on bringing in another 25,000 jew-hating pro-sharia homophobic muslims in the guise of refugees.

    • Observer

      Another 25,000 as just a start towards what Omar Alhambra’s final goal is for Canada.

      • Gary

        Booze head McCallum let it slip that the 50,000 was the first phase for each year in their term of power to bring in 50K each year.
        That’s 200,000 bogus refugess where at least 190,000 want us DEAD and are homophobic jew-haters.

  • Shebel

    If Justin was half a man –he would explain to Canadians
    What Sharia Laws we are expected to obey.

  • ismiselemeas

    He won’t last 6 months. NSW is way heavier than any sky fairy fantasists can endure. The local cops probably have a deal with the local heavies to do everyone a favour.

    • Kell

      …catfish and wood chippers!