Is Islam Violent? Forget the Koran, Let’s Talk About Islam’s PROVEN Historical Record

Too often, the debate around Islamic violence centers around doctrine — around what the Koran and other scriptures (such as the Hadith — the words and deeds of Muhammad) really say and mean. Forgotten in this debate is that Islamic scriptures are unnecessary in determining whether Islam teaches violence and war against non-Muslims.

History suffices.

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    Maybe someone should mention this to the pope.

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    Shocked I am! No mention of the 400 MILLION Hindus slaughtered in the Indian sub-continent, by the Muslim invaders. Largest genocide in the World’s History.

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    incomplet history of Islamic Pece and Love
    632: Muhammad’s death. Islam has subjugated and ravaged during Muhammad’s lifetime by aggressive wars much of the Arabian Peninsula. The vast area is now Jews and Christians free. Even after the death of Muhammad, jihad continues and transforms the entire Mediterranean region for more than 1,300 years a venue permanent wars.

    attacking Muslim Arabs led by Khalid ibn al-Walid and conquer the fortress Al-Hirah: 633rd Battle of Zumail, the Islamic army slaughters the entire army of Arab Christians.

    634: invasion of Caesarea (Gasa), about 4,000 Christian, Jewish and Samaritan peasants were reportedly killed.

    635: A Muslim army conquered Damascus, the capital of the Byzantine-Christian Kingdom of Syria. Town and country are robbed and burned, killing the inhabitants or enslaved. Immediately begins the forcible. This means that non-Muslims have to pay a poll tax and are virtually all the rights and protection robbed. Only those who collaborated, is spared.

    636: Battle of Yarmuk (now Jordan): The Christian Byzantine army is defeated by the Muslims. End of Christian rule in Syria and Palestine. Battle of Kadesia: conquest of Mesopotamia including the Sassanid capital of Ctesiphon. Immediately after the victory violence begin extensive looting. Khalif Umar was in the conquest as a measure of forcible the large library of Madâin (comparable to the library to Alexandria) burn, and even later sought the Mohammedan fanaticism to destroy all ancient writings, where he was its only getting hold.

    637: A Muslim army conquered the belonging to the Christian Byzantine Empire Jerusalem. Churches and synagogues are looted or razed, killed male citizens, women and children raped and enslaved. Priests crucified sometimes. Muslim troops conquer and destroy the city of Ctesiphon. Ctesiphon is located approximately 35 km southeast of Baghdad, and was before the invasion of Islam, the seat of the Christian Church of Persia.

    639: eradication of non-Muslim communities Al-Bahnsa, Faiyum, Abwait and Nikiu in Egypt.

    640: conquest and pillage of Cairo. Almost the entire male population is massacred, women and children raped and enslaved. The ancient library of Cairo goes up in flames. The Byzantine fortress Farma occupied by Useifa ibn-Wala.

    641: The fortress Pelusium occupied. The military camp Babylon will be destroyed.

    642: victory over the Persians at Nehawend. Decisive battle in Hamadan (Ekbetana) against the Sassanid Empire. Large parts of Iran today fall into the hands of the Muslim conquerors. The magnificent Ekbetana that probably the oldest city in the world, is almost completely destroyed. Irreplaceable Inheritance lost. Immediately begin extensive criminal actions, looting, enslavement and forcible that are not completed until around the year 900th Conquest of the city Dvi. The population was completely destroyed. A Muslim army conquered and destroyed the Christian-Byzantine Alexandria, the capital of Christian Egypt. Town and country come under the fury of the conquerors. Already in the first few months hundreds of thousands of Christians are killed, enslaved millions. In an unprecedented firestorm the conquerors destroy not only the oldest Christian testimonies but also everything ancient Rome and Egypt erected. The Library of Alexandria, jewel of the ancient world (restored after the accidental fire during the Roman expansion) will be destroyed systematically and deliberately. More than 4000 years of recorded history, early science and poetry go up in flames. An Islamic invasion wave also reached today’s Libya, the Byzantine city Pentapolis is conquered.

    643: Tripoli is destroyed.

    645: A Muslim army conquered the Christian Barka in North Africa (Libya). Destroying the ancient Greco-Roman city completely. The inhabitants go closed to slavery.

    649: Estakhr, the residence of the Sassanids, was destroyed.

    650: The last areas of the Kingdom of Armenia are overrun. The majority of the population is killed.

    652: An attack Muslim pirates (corsairs) on the island of Sicily is repulsed. However, the coastal villages lie in ruins. Many citizens died or were enslaved.

    653: After a riot of Zoroastrians in the religious center Estakhr about 40,000 people are slaughtered by the Muslim forces.

    667: Further attacks Muslim pirates (corsairs) on the island of Sicily are commonplace, but are repulsed. Coastal villages and churches must be fixed more and more. Nevertheless, residents are deported again.

    670: Muslim troops invaded the Cyzicus peninsula.

    673: Conquest of Rhodes by a Muslim army.

    674: A Muslim attack on Konstantin Opel (capital of the Christian Byzantine Empire and seat of the Christian emperor) has a shot blocked. On the withdrawal of the Muslim army which lands are east of the Bosporus razed, deported the inhabitants into slavery.

    700: The Italian island of Pantelleria is conquered by Muslim and enslaved the population. The island is becoming a Muslim pirates.

    703: attack on Syracuse.

    708: Sicily but conquered shortly by Muslims can be shocked with heavy losses and devastation. The Muslim expansion to capture the Christian North Africa reached the Atlantic coast. On his march all cities and towns of North Africa were looted and burned. Over 50% of all inhabitants of North Africa are at the end of the campaign dead. Millions are raped, tortured and enslaved.

    710: With the conquest of the last Christian city in North Africa, the entire formerly Christian North Africa is Islamized. Almost all of the 400 Christian dioceses in North Africa go under. North Africa was a once flourishing Christian world that has spawned significant theologians of Christian antiquity, as Tertullian, Cyprian, Athanasius and Augustine.

    711: Muslim armies cross the Strait of Gibraltar and invade Europe. Beginning of the conquest of the Iberian Peninsula (now Spain and Portugal). Immediately begins the basic forcible of the conquered territories. The head tax are higher and the body penalties tougher than elsewhere under the iron boot of Islam. Qutayba ibn Muslim begins on behalf of the Arab Umayyad rulers of Khorasan from the submission of Transoxania. He conquered the major cities Samarkand and Bukhara which looted completely and almost depopulated. Also Choresmien and the Ferghana Valley are subjected. Incidence of Muslims under the leadership of Muhammad Kassim 711 in Kabul. Desecration of products on the Temple Mount Church of Santa Maria to the al-Aqsa Mosque (the “distant”) by Abd el-Wahd. Today this mosque is the third most important in Islam because Muhammad had prayed there on his “celestial journey”, although he was buried at that time already 79 years in Medina. This magnificent church was built once by Emperor Justinian (527-565). For Islam, the conversion of a famous church always simultaneously means that the victory of Christianity. And legend developments are more important than historical facts in this ideology.

    712: Islamic conquerors reached the limits of China and India. Behind them (as contemporary chroniclers) are all conquered territories in flames soon take the Arabs also first forays to Sindh. Streams of slaves arrive on the markets of the Middle East. Musa conquered with a force of about 18,000 soldiers, the cities of Seville and Mérida. Muslim troops conquer and plunder the city of Salamanca, which remains uninhabited for a long time. The Muslim conquest and forcible southern Spain is finished. The North African slave markets bursting over by European slave.

    713: The Muslims conquer and plunder Barcelona, ​​crossing the Pyrenees and a fall in the area now southern France. Around ninety years after Muhammad’s death and 380 years before the beginning of the Christian Crusades are Muslim armies (not as Muslim missionaries!) In the Christian kingdom of the Franks (now France).

    717: A Muslim attack on Konstantin Opel (capital of the Christian Byzantine Empire and seat of the Christian emperor) has a shot blocked. On the withdrawal of the Muslim army which lands are east of the Bosporus razed, deported the inhabitants into slavery.

    720: The Muslims fall in southern France a, conquering Narbonne and besieging Toulouse. Order: slave hunting. Renewed landing attempt Muslim troops in Sicily.

    723: defensive battle Frankish forces at Tours and Poitiers (now France) victory of the Frankish army over a Muslim army. The Muslims are thrown back behind the Pyrenees, but retain much of the Iberian Peninsula in their possession.

    725: looting of Autun.

    728-734: Continuous attacks on Syracuse.

    731: Marauding break Islamic armies through southern France. From Dijon to Sens near the Loire, and Langres and Luxeuil them falls virtually all of France south of the Loire in the hands.

    732: The looting of the rich monastery town Tours failed by the defeat in the Battle of Tours. Still devastated and plunder the Muslim invaders region. At the retreat, they can cause thousands of prisoners into slavery.

    735: Muslims attack again South of France with strong armies. It does not succeed in conquests but mass enslavement.

    737: Conquest of Avignon.

    751: In the Battle of Talas defeated a Muslim Arab army with 200,000 men for the first time a Chinese army.

    781: In the sack of Ephesus about 7,000 Greeks are trafficked into captivity.

    810: Islamic troops occupy Corsica and use it from now on as the basis for attacks on the southern coast of France.

    813: Nice is plundered.

    818: Emir Hakan I. knocks down an uprising, 300 nobles be crucified, expelled 20,000 people.

    828: The inhabitants of the island of Aegina in the Gulf of Corinth are enslaved or killed.

    829: Arab-Muslim troops destroy Centumcellae in Italy.

    831: Muslim forces conquer the Sicilian city of Palermo. 67,000 of the 70,000 inhabitants are killed.

    invaded Muslim units and plunder Marseille: 832nd

    835: From Sicily the Muslims crossed to the mainland and devastated Calabria.

    838: Islamic troops invaded again south of France and the Rhone valley to loot. Looting the city Amorium: The Caliph al-Mu’tasim had assassinated population 4,000, another 6,000 were executed after a prisoner revolt.

    840: Taranto and Bari fall into the hands of Muslim invaders. Both cities are looted and burned most seriously. Thousands fall into slavery.

    840-847: The Benevento is under Frankish protection is occupied by Islamic attackers.

    841: Brindisi falls after heavy fighting in the hands of Muslim invaders.

    841: Capua, after a short siege completely destroyed and looted.

    843: conquering Muslim troops and pillage the Sicilian city of Messina. Arab conquest attempts on Rome fail. The city and region are being plundered and pillaged, the population is enslaved.

    844: Conquest of the Sicilian city of Modica.

    848: In August, the city of Ragusa is looted and destroyed in Sicily by the Arabs, despite the fact (according to Ibn al-Athir) that residents had with the Arabs made peace, leaving them the city.

    invaded Muslim units and plunder Marseille, the region is devastated: 848th The inhabitants of Ragusa left the Muslims of the city, which is then first looted and then destroyed.

    851-852: The short exempt Benvent is again occupied by the Muslims. The occupiers sent to a massacre of the population.

    855: All Christians the city Hims in Syria deported or executed, destruction of all churches.

    856: Arab invaders attacked and destroyed the Cathedral of Canossa in Apulia. The city is plundered.

    859: Muslim troops invaded and plundered again in southern France. Conquest of the Italian town of Enna.

    860: Conquest of Pamplona.

    861: Conquest of Ascoli.

    866: looting all the monasteries in Wadi Natrun.

    868: The Arabs conquer the city of Ragusa in Sicily final.

    870: The Arabs conquer the island of Malta and destroy there the 700 years unbroken existing Christian culture. They stay until 1090th

    878: conquering Muslim troops and pillage the Sicilian city of Syracuse.

    879: Muslim Saracens destroy Numistro province of Potenza.

    880: conquering Muslim troops and plunder Nice.

    882: Muslim invaders built at the mouth of the Garigliano between Naples and Rome a base, they attack in Latium from Campania and Sabinia.

    884: Rametta conquered, destroyed monastery of Monte Cassino in Rome, Syracuse after nine month siege conquered – murder of thousands.

    888: Muslim forces build in Provence with Fraxinetum a new bridgehead of the Spanish Moors turned. From there they make looting in the west to Arles (capital of the kingdom of Burgundy) and along the Rhone to Avignon, Vienne (at Lyon) and Grenoble.

    900: Conquest of Catania.

    901: massacre of thousands of Christians in and around Seville.

    902: conquering Muslim troops and pillage the Sicilian town of Taormina. Plundering of Damascus.

    903: After the sack of Thessaloniki 20,000 Christians are distributed among the Arab-Muslim tribal chiefs.

    911: The bishop of Narbonne is unable to get from France to Rome, since Muslims have occupied the Alpine passes.

    918: conquering Muslim troops and pillage of Sicily from the lying on the adjacent mainland Reggio Calabria.

    920: Muslims expelled from Spain in front of the Pyrenees, devastated unhindered Gascony and threatened Toulouse. Looting Pamplona by Muslims.

    934: Genoa and La Spezia are assaulted, robbed and burned down by Muslims.

    935: Genoa and La Spezia are again attacked, robbed and burned down by Muslims.

    936: Genoa conquered and plundered.

    937: Muslim rage on Palm Sunday of the year 937 in Jerusalem, plundering and destroying the Church of Calvary.

    939: Muslim hordes encounter in the north to Geneva (conquered) to the Swiss Alpine passes before.

    942: Muslim troops march scorching and murdering by the south-eastern France and launched to northern Italy before.

    942: Nice is attacked, robbed and burned down by Muslims.

    952-960: Based on the Alpine passes conquer Muslim troops for close to 8 years, Switzerland. They loot and destroy in the following years the Valais, Graubünden and parts of Eastern Switzerland. Between 952 and 960 the Arabs dominate after the battle of Orbe large parts of the south and west of Switzerland, including the Great St. Bernard Pass, launched in the northeast also to St. Gallen before, in the southeast to Pontresina.

    942-965: Muslim forces conquer the Duchy of Savoy.

    906-972: Muslim forces conquer the Provence.

    964: conquering Muslim troops and pillage of Sicily from the lying on the mainland Rometta.

    979-988: Sebük ​​Tegin declared “holy” war against the Hindu Schahis whose king Djaypal (965-1001) he defeated 979 and 988th All fortresses inside Afghanistan to the Indian border fall into the hands of his Muslim warriors.

    985: Conquest of Barcelona.

    987: Conquest of Coimbra.

    997: Santiago de Compostela is razed.

    997-1029: Mahmud of Ghazni alone leads against India 17 campaigns.

    1001: anti-Christian pogroms in Baghdad.

    1002: Bari is again conquered and destroyed by Arabs.

    1002: Genoa conquered and looted by Arabs.

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      1004: Pisa was conquered and plundered by Arabs.

      1009: Caliph Al-Hakim ordered the systematic destruction of all Christian shrines in Jerusalem. The Holy Sepulcher is destroyed.

      1010 Mahmud of Ghazni, coat the city Multan, directed a bloodbath among the population and taking the ruler Daud caught.

      1011: Mahmud destroyed the Indian city Thaneswar at Delhi.

      1018: Mahmud destroyed the Indian city Kanajauj. He conquered the city Mathura, killing 50,000 of its inhabitants and enslaved the rest.

      1024: Mahmud conquered Somnath and destroyed the Holy Temple Shiva lingam; the individual parts of the temple were brought to the temple treasury plundered to Ghazni, where the fragments were then to the target levels of the main mosque; 50 000. slain Hindus graced the forecourts of the temple.

      1033: Muslims massacred 6,000 Jews in Fez.

      1055: The Seljuk Turks take Baghdad.

      1057: Tughrilbeg plunders the city Balad on the Tigris. Malatya conquered.

      1066: murder of all 3,000 Jews of Granada.

      1070:… Had converted the Seljuks, a nomadic people from Central Asia, the n in the 10th century BC to Islam, took control of Jerusalem. The peaceful pilgrimage of Christians to the holy sites is increasingly hampered, murders and enslavement.

      1071: Battle of Manzikert – a Christian Byzantine army is defeated by a Muslim army. The Muslim Seljuk Turks conquer the heartland of the Christian Byzantine Empire.

      1077: Muslim-Seljuk Turks conquered Jerusalem and massacred 3,000 people. Destruction of Ghana (Sudan).

      1086: Battle of Zallaqa – The Almoravid rulers Yusuf ibn Tashfin marches into Andalusia to support other muslimsche invaders in Andalusia in Jihad against non-Muslims. In the battle against King Alfonso VI of Castile died on October 23 alone among the Castilians 59,500 soldiers. Tashfin decapitated 24,000 people and had them impaled in minaret shape. The battlefield was Zallaqa (in German: slippery floor), because the warriors repeated from slipping due to the enormous amounts of spilled blood.

      1099: After nearly 470 years of military expansion and aggression of Islam begin as a reaction against the Christian Crusades.

      1100: east of Lake Chad The Kanem region is conquered.

      1137: Conquest of Adana in Cilicia.

      1144: Taking Edessa. 6,000 executions, 10,000 young men enslaved.

      1153: complete destruction of the city of Tikrit / Iraq.

      1171: all the inhabitants of the area near Malatya enslaved.

      1187: The Christian kingdom of Jerusalem occupied by Sultan Saladin.

      1193: The General mohammedanistische Aibak captured the Indian city Anahilwar Patan, killing 50,000 of its inhabitants and enslaved another 20,000. Destruction of the city Nalanda.
      1197: destruction of the Indian city of Bihar.

      1202: Aibak captured the Indian city Kalinjar and enslaved 50,000 of its inhabitants.

      1206: Sultanate Delhi. General Qutb-ud-Din Aibak accepts by assassination of the sovereign power in the country on the Indus and established the so-called Slave Dynasty (1206-1290) The whole country is forcibly Islamized. The Sultanate comes later as “bankrupt” on the also Islamic Mughal Empire.

      1232: The Jews in Marrakech are massacred.

      1247: The city of Tiberias is destroyed by Baybars al-Bunduqdari.

      1261: Muslims conquer Mosul.

      1264: In Cairo Jews and Christians be put to death by fire, by high ransoms and some lashes may enrinnen death. By torture still die many non-Muslims.

      1266: Rukn al-Din Baybars leaves in Sis (Kozan) 22,000 people kill inhabitants of the cities Adana, Ayas and Tarsus be removed as slaves.

      1268: Baybars al-Bunduqdari conquered Antioch. The majority of citizens is murdered, enslaved the rest.

      1273: Syrian Muslims from Aintab (Gaziantep) and al-Bira (Birecik) invaded the territory Claudia on the upper Euphrates and abduct a majority of the population.

      1275: Baibar and his troops sent to slaughter, Mopsuestia is completely burned and wiped out the population by the Muslim forces. Plunder Sis by Muslim troops.

      1285: Muslims invaded the city of Erbil and assassinate and kidnap a majority of the inhabitants.

      1286: 4,000 Muslims Rider loot the neighboring villages of Mosul and attack and plunder then Mosul. The attacks directed against Jews and Christians.

      1291: Acre falls into the hands of Muslims. The majority of the inhabitants is slaughtered.

      1296: Tabriz is attacked, all the churches are destroyed.

      1313: Conquest of town Magnesia ad Sipylum (today Manisa).

      1326: Sultan Orhan I conquered the city Brussa (now Bursa).

      1357: Muslims conquer the city of Gallipoli. There is a large-scale settlement of Muslims from Anatolia.

      1361: Adrian Opel (Edirne) conquered. Orissa conquered.

      1364: Ottoman troops fall 1364 in Plovdiv and rename the city into Filibe.

      1375: The Ottomans conquered the city Nish.

      1386: Sofia conquered.

      1389: Battle of Kosovo. A Christian army of Serbs, Bosnians and Bulgarians is destroyed by a Muslim army. The Balkan countries are Muslim vassals.

      1398: Tamerlane directed at 17:12. in Delhi a massacre and destroyed almost the entire city. 100,000 Hindus to be slaughtered.

      1400: In Aleppo all Jewish men are killed by Tamerlane, the women are enslaved.

      1413: the Ottomans conquered the city Scala Nova (Kusadasi / Turkey).

      1427: Muslim forces conquer Krusevac.

      1429: 3,000 Maltese enslaved.

      1430: Thessaloniki attacked.

      1453: Conquest of Constantinople Opel (now Istanbul), the center of the Eastern Roman Empire and the Orthodox Church. The Christian Emperor Constantine XI. Palaeologus falls in defending the city. End of the Christian Byzantine Empire. The city is sacked three days and nights. In every street there is unimaginable horror. Murder, torture, mutilation and rape are commonplace. Sultan Mehmed II leaves. Show the entire Byzantine nobility and publicly beheaded and their families. Tens of thousands of civilians as a slave on the Muslim slave markets.

      1465: murder of all Jews in Fez.

      1470: Negroponte conquered Euboea.

      1478: The Crimea is invaded and annexed by Muslim troops.

      1479: Ottoman forces conquered after fierce battles the Venetian island of Evia. Much of the population is massacred, sold survivors into slavery.

      1480/81: A Muslim army conquered Otranto in Italy. The city is occupied surrendered (to 1481) and the arbitrariness of the Muslim conquerors. What remains are burnt walls and streets full of bones. 17,000 people were slaughtered.

      1492: After the Spaniards conquered 1492 Granada, the last Muslim kingdom in Western Europe, who had fled from Spain Moors in North Africa settled. Together with local Arabs and Moors they prepared from large fleets and started from its base in North Africa as corsairs a permanent war against Christian Europe, in particular against the Marine and Coastal. The raids of the Muslim corsairs led during the next four centuries to the coasts of Flanders, Denmark, Ireland and even Iceland, where they sold from coastal villages and towns residents abducted and later as slaves. However most frequent target of slave raids were the coasts of Italy, Spain and Portugal.

      1499-1503: Turkish units penetrate into the northern Italian Friuli and even threaten Vicenza. The Apulian port of Otranto (about 100 kilometers southeast of Brindisi) is conquered and expanded the bridgehead for other predators and campaigns.

      1504: Soba (in Khartoum) conquered.

      1521: A Muslim army conquered Belgrade. All churches are destroyed or converted into mosques. Priests are impaled or burned alive, men cut down, women and children raped and / or sold as slaves.

      1526: Battle of Mohács – a Christian army is defeated by a Muslim army. Muslim armies conquered most of Hungary and threaten Vienna. The Ottomans live in Hungary with hitherto unknown Fury 200,000 dead Christians.

      1526: The cities of Ragusa (Dubrovnik) and Szeged conquered by Ottoman troops.

      1526-1530: Mughal emperor Babur conquered from the territory of present-day Uzbekistan and Afghanistan, the Sultanate of Delhi and the Indian heartland around the North Indian Indo-Gangetic plain and the cities of Delhi, Agra and Lahore. 100 to 150 million people fall into the clutches of this Muslim ruler.

      1529: The first siege of Vienna by a Muslim army fails. On the rise but the cities Komarno and Pressburg (Bratislava) go up in flames. The whole surrounding country be devastated. Thousands fall into Muslim captivity and end in the slave markets of Istanbul.

      1534: With a total of 84 galleys raided and plundering Muslim pirates the southern west coast of Italy starting northward to drive in Reggio by the Tyrrhenian sea to Sperlonga to subsequently loaded with thousands of slaves and immense booty to Istanbul.

      1537: Muslim pirates conquer the Venetian island of Naxos, Kasos, Tinos, Karpathos and the Greek Kythera.

      1541: Ottoman forces conquered the city Vác.

      1543 besiege Muslim Berber pirates and plunder Nice. Székesfehérvár conquered.

      1544: Chair ad-Din, coat of the island of Ischia, taking 4,000 hostages (which are only released for ransom) and enslaved another 9,000 citizens (ie almost the entire remaining population).

      1547: Turgutreis ravaged Gozo (Malta).

      1551: Turgutreis enslaved the entire population of the Maltese island of Gozo. There are 5000-6000 people sold to the Libyan slave markets.

      1553: Turgutreis plunders 1553 Calabria, makes a raid on Elba and then besieged Bonifacio in Corsica.

      1554: Muslim pirates raided the Italian town of Vieste. The city is plundered, and there are 7,000 – 10,000 made slaves who are sold on the markets of Istanbul.

      1555: Turgutreis coat Bastia on Corsica. He enslaved 7,000 people, which are sold on the Libyan slave markets. While retreating, he can merge numerous coastal villages in flames. He attacks the Corsican city of Bastia and looted 6,000 slaves.

      1558: Pirates of the Barbary Coast conquer the city of Ciutadella (Minorca). They destroy all the buildings take 4,000 slaves (which are sold in Istanbul) and butcher otherwise the entire city population from. The crew of a Spanish Fort in strength of 5,000 troops is completely killed.

      1563: Turgutreis lands on the coast of the province of Granada (Spain). He conquered and plundered all coastal towns. Among Almuñécar, where he takes 4,000 slaves and niedermetzelt a far greater number. In subsequent years, the Baleren’ll so often attacked, that the whole coastline must be finally fixed with watchtowers and fortified churches. Islands Formentera are completely depopulated by slavery, massacre and escape.

      1565: The siege of Malta by an Ottoman army began on May 18 and lasted until the withdrawal of troops on September 8, 1565. The island was almost completely destroyed, shot the fortifications to rubble and killed over 42,000 soldiers and civilians.

      1570: Mustafa Pasha landed in Cyprus with 120,000 soldiers. Nicosia falls.

      1571: Siege of Famagusta, then surrender the Christians, which free deduction is granted; shortly after the opening of the gates, the promise is denied and all the Christian officers and generals are either beheaded or tortured to death immediately; the governor, Marcantonio Bragadin, who had signed the surrender is pulled alive the skin off the body. The Crimean Tatars penetrate up to Moscow.

      1579: Falethan-Muslims destroy the capital of Baduis Pakuwan, also called Sunda Kelapa (Indonesia).

      1588: The Jews of Libya are forced to convert, killed non-converts.

      1591: Ahmed al-Mansur and his troops conquered Timbuktu and bring several thousand slaves to Morocco.

      1603: Destruction of the southern Styria by the Ottomans..

      1605 devastation of western Styria by the Ottomans..

      1658-1707: Südexpansion the Mughal Empire and forcible of the conquered territories.

      1609-1616: England alone lost 466 merchant ships (15000-40000 people) to the Muslim Barbary pirates. The crews are massacred or end in slavery.

      1617-1625: attacks of Berber pirates are rampant. Raids occur in southern Portugal, south and east of Spain, the Balearic Islands, Iceland, Sardinia, Corsica, Elba, the Italian peninsula (particularly in Liguria, Tuscany, Lazio, Campagnien, Calabria and Apulia) Other raids and raids (including rape and enslavement) occur in Sicily and Malta. Larger raids in format real campaigns directed against the Iberian peninsula. These attacks of Berber pirates fall the cities Bouzas, Cangas, Moaña and Darbo victim.

      1627: Iceland is repeatedly sacked by Turkish pirates and sold a large part of the population as slaves to the Berber Coast. Those who resist, are rounded up in a church and there burned alive.

      1631: Murat Reis coat with Algerian pirates and regular Ottoman soldiers Ireland. They storm the coast near Baltimore (County of Cork). You pillage and plunder the entire city, occupy almost all citizens of Baltimore as slaves and sell them in the slave markets of the Berber coast. Only two ever return home again alive.

      1677-1680: More 160 British merchant ships (8000-20000 people) are captured by Algerian Muslim pirates massacred the crew or enslaved.

      1678: The city Chigirin conquered by Kara Mustafa.

      1683: Second (unsuccessful) siege of Vienna and threat in Central Europe by Muslim armies. In advance of the Ottoman army go the surrounding land into flames. All villages are looted and enslaved completely as far as the residents had not already fled. The retreating Ottomans leave only scorched earth.

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        1677-1680: More 160 British merchant ships (8000-20000 people) are captured by Algerian Muslim pirates massacred the crew or enslaved.

        1678: The city Chigirin conquered by Kara Mustafa.

        1683: Second (unsuccessful) siege of Vienna and threat in Central Europe by Muslim armies. In advance of the Ottoman army go the surrounding land into flames. All villages are looted and enslaved completely as far as the residents had not already fled. The retreating Ottomans leave only scorched earth.

        1700-1750: About 20,000 European prisoners (not slaves) burn in Algerian prisons and awaiting ransom. Among them not only Mediterranean but also Danes, German, British, Sweden and even Icelanders.

        1756: Abdallah al-Schabrawi incited Muslims of Al-Azhar University against Coptic Christians, pogroms and looting.

        1770: The leader of the Greek uprising in Crete, Daskalogiannis, agrees 1770 peace negotiations in order to save the lives of his companions. However, the Pasha of Chania sets a trap and can Daskalogiannis skin alive preview (Enforcement on 17 June 1771 Heraklion). His brother is forced mitanzusehen this ordeal and then losing his mind.

        1785: Hundreds of Jews of Ali Pasha Gurzi murdered in Libya.

        1821: The Cyprus Archbishop Kyprianos is executed together with 470 prominent Greek Cypriots in Nicosia in Cyprus. Hundreds of Greeks are murdered in Crete (Chania).

        1822: On the islands of Chios and Psara the Turks slaughter from 50,000 Greeks and enslave another 50,000.

        1842-1846: murder of 20,000 Christian Assyrians by Turks.

        1876 ​​April Uprising in Bulgaria. 15000-60000 dead, hundreds of thousands enslaved.

        1894-1896: murder of 200,000 Armenian Christians by the Turkish Sultan Abdul Hamid.

        1900: 96,000 Jacobites in Mardin killed in Mesopotamia.

        1903: In the Iranian city of Yazd 100 Bahais are murdered.

        1907 In Casablanca 30 Jews murdered.

        1914-1923: genocide of 300000-730000 Greeks by the Turks, especially in the northern Turkish Pontus region.

        1915-1918: genocide of Armenians. The Islamic government of Turkey uses the confusion of the first world war to the extinction of the Christian Armenians. 1,5 – 2 million Armenians slaughtered in death marches, camps and local massacres. In addition, 750,000 Christian Assyrians are murdered in Iraq by the Turks.

        1922: the massacre of Izmir 25,000 Christians (Armenians and Greeks) are murdered, sold 200,000.

        1929: anti-Jewish pogroms in Jerusalem, Hebron and Safed.

        1933: the massacre of Simmele / Iraq, the Turks kill 3,000 Christian Assyrians.

        1937: In the course of an uprising in the Turkish province “Tunceli”, former “Dersin” ( “Dersin Riot”) are 70,000 Alevis slaughtered by the Turkish government..

        1936: anti-Jewish pogroms in Baghdad and Basra (Iraq).

        1941: 180 Jews are slaughtered in anti-Jewish pogroms in Baghdad.

        1945: pogroms with 10 murdered Jews in Egypt and 140 in Tripoli.

        1947: In pogroms in the Yemeni city of Aden 82 Jews are murdered.

        1948: With bomb attacks against the Jewish population in Cairo die 70 Jews. Murder of 44 Jews in the cities of Oujda and Djerada in Morocco.

        1955:. “Istanbul Pogrom” (plus Izmir and Ankara), 15 deaths, property damage up to 500 million US dollars, exodus of some 100,000 Greeks from Turkey (There remained 2,500).

        1955-2011: 56 years of independence war takes the Christian South Sudan against the colonial power mohammedanistische northern Sudan, the slaughters approximately 2 million South Sudanese civilians. Around 1,400 years, the South was hunting ground of Arab slavers.

        1967: anti-Jewish pogroms in Tunisia.

        1969 Peoples illegal annexation of West Papua by Indonesia, followed by forcible and serious human rights violations against the indigenous population today – and tolerated by the UN renaming the country in Irian Jaya. Military abduct and kill more than 100,000 people and are actively involved in illegal logging, which destroys the habitat of the indigenous population. Through resettlement, a large part of the population is Indonesian today. 2003 Province Papua Barat is separated against the will of Papua of West Papua.

        1971: During the struggle for independence of East Bengal in 1971 about 500,000 Hindus were brutally murdered with the help of Jamaat-e-Islami. A total of three million people were slaughtered by the Pakistanis and 200,000 women raped.

        1974: Assassination of 4,000 Christian Cypriots on behalf of Turkish President Fahri Koroturk.

        1975. Nine days after the declaration of independence of the former Portuguese colony of East Timor, the country is invaded by Indonesian invasion forces. In the course of 25 years, around 23% of the predominantly Christian population, or 183,000 people are being slaughtered, countless raped, tortured, forcibly relocated, imprisoned, exiled or forced sterilization. Other estimates to a total death toll of 300,000 people.

        1976: Palestinian and Lebanese Muslims murdered in Lebanon in Damour 600 Christian residents.

        1983: A suicide attack on the US embassy in Beirut calls 63 deaths in April.

        1983: Two suicide bombers kill in October in Beirut by a bomb 299 soldiers of the multinational forces and the Americans and 6 civilians.

        1984: A bomb attack on the US embassy in Beirut in September dying 24 people.

        1988: The attack on an American plane by Libyan agents 270 people die in Lockerbie, Scotland.

        1990 to present: In Kashmir today about 10,000 Hindus from Orc fundamentalists were killed.

        1993: In Sivas in Turkey hotel was set on fire, in the Alevi intellectuals lodged on the occasion of a feast. 37 burn while outdoors celebrate thousands of Sunnis their agonizing death.

        1998: In Nairobi and Dar es Salaam are killed by attacks on the respective US embassies 224 people. In Java (Indonesia) 500 churches by Muslims are set on fire, 800 homes and businesses in Poso on Sulawesi are destroyed.

        2000: Due to a suicide attack on the destroyer “USS Cole” die in August 17 members of the US Navy.

        2001: Suicide bombers kidnap four airplanes, flying two of them in the New York Twin Towers, one into the Pentagon – while the fourth is brought by citizens to crash – and murder by 3,300 people (including emergency services.).

        2002: Around 50 armed men bring in the Moscow Dubrovka Theatre 850 people in its violence. 129 hostages killed in the storming of the theater.

        2004: By ten bomb explosions mohammedanistischer “activists” die 191 people in Madrid.

        2004: If the hostage-taking in Beslan / Russia in September 2004 Chechen terrorists more than 1,100 children and adults in a school in North Ossetia in their violence. The hostage situation ends after three days in a tragedy – die during the liberation by Russian forces according to official figures 331 hostages.

        2005: Suicide bombers kill three attacks in subway trains and a bus in a 52 people in London.

        2006: Seven bombs in commuter trains killing 207 citizens in Mumbai (Bombay). In the Indian part of Kashmir Muslims invade the village Thawa a, sort the Hindu residents and execute them.

        2007: Muslims commit in two villages near Mosul in Iraq two attacks on the Yazidi community, where about 500 people are killed.

        2008: Ten killer pull four days in small groups through Mumbai, kill, kidnap, torture and maim indiscriminately, whom they can get. 174 people die.

        2010: Suicide bombers detonate two bombs in the Moscow subway, killing 40 people.

        2011: A suicide bomber detonates a bomb in Moscow’s Domodedovo airport, killing 36 people.

        2013: The mohammedanistische terrorist group Boko Haram kills 143 people in Nigeria (17 September 2013). Thus the group has piled a mountain of corpses of more than 3,600 dead. Mohammedanistische terrorists slaughtered in a shopping mall in Nairobi / Kenya from 111 people, many of them are previously tortured brutally (September 21). Mohammedanistische I bombers kill 85 Christians in Peshawar / Pakistan during a service (22 September 2013). The mohammedanistische terrorist group Boko Haram kills 64 students (29 September 2013), 19 Christians in Logumani (October 20), 10 Christians in Borno (October 21), 35 Christians in Damaturu (24 October),, 13 Christians in T- Junction and 30 in Borno (November 2), 26 in Yazza (November 14), 28 in Adamawa and Sandiya (November 21), 22 in Mubi (December 19), 20 in Bama (December 20). In March take in the Zetralafrikanischen Republic mohammedanistische militia power and begin immediately with the genocide against the majority Christian population. More than 500 people are killed, 480,000 people are displaced. A mass grave with 30 dead Christians in Sadad / Syria discovered (November 5). 34 dead in two suicide bombings in Volgograd (29 and 30 December).

        2014: 33 Christians murdered on January 6 in Riyom / Nigeria, 85 in Kawuri / Nigeria and 53 in Waga Chakaw / Nigeria on January 26, 11 am January 31 in Garin Yamdula / Nigeria, on 11 February 62 in Konduga / Nigeria, 121 Christians slaughtered on 15 February in Izghe / Nigeria, 11 February 18 in Adamawa / Nigeria, 115 in Bama / Nigeria on 19 February, 59 in Damaturu / Nigeria on 25 February, 37 in Adamawa / Nigeria on February 27, 47 in Mainok / Nigeria and 52 in Maiduguri / Nigeria on March 1,, 33 people slaughtered in Yunnan / China on March 1, 32 Christians slaughtered on March 2 in Mafa / Nigeria, 48 March 3 in Jakana / Nigeria, 16 on March 6 in Riyom / Nigeria, 150 on March 15 in Chenshyi / Nigeria, 35 March 16 in Taraba / Nigeria, 80 in Kessab / Syria and 36 in Gbajimba / Nigeria on March 23 , 14 in Maitsaba / Nigeria on April 3, 25 at April 5 in Gwoza / Nigeriaund 20 in Buni Gari / Nigeria, 105 on April 6 in Yar Galadina / Nigeria, 150 in Gambulga / Nigeria on April 11, 60 Anchaka / Nigeria on 13 April, 17 in Kauyen-Yaku / Nigeria on 23 April, 336 in Gamboru Ngala / Nigeria on May 7, 13 in the Central African Republic on May 11, 29 in Ngurusoye and 40 in Dalva-Masuwa / Nigeria on May 17, 162 on May 20 in Jos / Nigeria, 30 in Shawa and 19 in Alargano / Nigeria on May 21, 31 people in Urumqi / China on May 22, 29 in Chukku Nguddoa / Nigeria, 25 in Moforo / Nigeria on 23 May, 24 in Kamymuya / Nigeria on 25 May, 21 in Adamawa / Nigeria on 26 May 45 in Buni Yadi / Nigeria on 26 May, 30 in Bangui / ZAR on May 28, 32 in Gumushi / Nigeria on May 29, 40 in the Adamawa / Nigeria and 23 in Kala Balge / Nigeria on 1 June, 20 in Attangara / Nigeria and 12 in Angurva / Nigeria on 2 June, 13 in Zamgba / Nigeria and 12 in Kwadale / Nigeria and 30 in pulka / Nigeria and 14 in Chinene / Nigeria and 10 in Arboko / Nigeria and 20 in Barawa / Nigeria and 46 in Ganjara / Nigeria and 20 in Kaghum / Nigeria and 12 in Jabril / Nigeria and 46 in Ngoshe / Nigeria and 10 in Ashigashita / Nigeria and 15 in Agapalawa / Nigeria and 26 in Gava / Nigeria and 17 in Amudah / Nigeria and 12 in Halaghwa / Nigeria on 3rd June 25 in Daku / Nigeria on 15 June 65 in Mpeketoni / Kenya on 16 June, 15 in Poromoko / Kenya and 24 in Damaturu / Nigeria on 17 June 10 in Adamawa / Nigeria on 20 June 40 Koronginim / Nigeria on 21 June 46 in Damboa / Nigeria and 17 in Ankpong / Nigeria and 11 in Witu / Kenya and 21 in Kabamu / Nigeria on 24 June, 30 in Kabamu / Nigeria and 16 in Naidu / Nigeria AND21 in Dogon Daji (Nigeria and 38 in Kobin / Nigeria and 24 in Abuja / Nigeria June 25, 13 in Bauchi / Nigeria and 32 in Senga / Nigeria on 27th June 10 in Paa / Nigeria on 28 June 10 in Kwadakau / Nigeria and 54 in Chibok / Nigeria on June 29 56 in Maiduguri / Nigeria on 1 July, 20 in Damboa / Nigeria on July 4, July 20 in Tana River / Kenya on 6 July, 10 in South Kordofan / Sudan on 7, 27 in Bambari / ZAR on 8 July 11 in Zamadede / Nigeria and 27 in Borno / Nigeria on 14 July, 20 in Sabon Gari / Nigeria and 38 in Dille / Nigeria on 15 July, 50 in Kawo / Nigeria and 35 in Kaduna / Nigeria on 23 July, 15 in Garubulu / Nigeria on 24 July, 30 in Hong / Nigeria and 18 in Kolofata / Cameroon on 27 July, 23 in talipao / Philippines and 40 in Garkida / Nigeria and 37 in Xinjiang / China on July 28, 997 in Gwoza / Nigeria and 10 in Zigague / Cameroon on August 6, 31 in Doron Baga / Nigeria on August 10, 14 Yelwa / Nigeria on 11 August, 34 in Mbres / ZAR on August 15 35 in Gwoza / Nigeria at 24 August., 15 in Gambouru / Nigeria on August 25, 14 in Borno / Nigeria on August 30, 59 in Bama / Nigeria and 350 in Madagali / Nigeria on 1 September, 120 in Bama / Nigeria and 55 in eggon language / Nigeria 2 September, 30 in Kawuri / Nigeria on September 4, 100 in Gulak / Nigeria on September 6, 60 Michika / Nigeria on 7 September, 13 in Ngakobo / ZAR and 24 in Baza / Nigeria on 9 September , 25 in Ngom / Nigeria on 13 September, 20 in Tunari / Nigeria on 14 September, 33 in Fadan Karshi Daji / Nigeria on 16 September, 12 in Fadan Karshi Daji / Nigeria and 17 in Kano / Nigeria on 17 September , 36 in Mainok / Nigeria on September 19, 10 in Xinjiang / China and 19 in Tourou / Cameroon on 21 September, 10 in Nasarawa / Nigeria on 23 September, 20 in Shaffa / Nigeria on 24 September, 12 in Makurdi / Nigeria on September 27, 40 in Michika / Nigeria on 29 September (…) 13 in Bachit / Nigeria and 70 in Michika / Nigeria on 3 October, 27 in Bachi / Nigeria on 9 October, 22 in Maralbeshi / China on October 12 10 in Sabon-Gida / Nigeria and 26 in Ben / Congo on 16 October, 22 in Eringeti / Congo on 17 October, 31 in Wukari / Nigeria on 19 October, 30 in Yamale / ZAR and 17 in Mafa / Nigeria on October 23, 17 in Borno / Nigeria on 26 October, 24 in Uba / Nigeria on 28 October, 12 in Ouallam / Niger and 14 in Kampi ya Chul / Congo on 30 October, 12 in Gabon Sari / Nigeria on 2 November 32 in Potiskum / Nigeria on 3rd November 10 in Nafada / Nigeria on 4 November, 21 in Malam Fatori / Nigeria on 5 November, 11 in Azare / Nigeria on November 7, 33 in Libyabo / Nigeria on 8 November 58 in Potiskum / Nigeria on 10 November, 16 in Gwosa / Nigeria on 13 November, 12 in Chibok / Nigeria on 14 November, 13 in Ázere / Nigeria AM16. November 45 AM19 in Azaya Kura / Nigeria. November 56 November 22, 50 in in Doron Baga / Nigeria and 56 in Doron Baga / Nigeria and 50 in Beni / Congo on 20 November, 28 in Mandere / Kenya in Damasak / Nigeria and 20 in Chibok / Nigeria and 45 Beni / Congo on 24 November, 78 in Maiduguri / Nigeria on 25 November, 40 Mubi / Nigeria on November 27, 120 in Kano / Nigeria on 28 November, 40 Shani / Nigeria on 29 November, 55 in Bama / Nigeria on 30 November, 47th in Damaturu / Nigeria and 22 in Maiduguri on 1 December, 36 in Koroma / Kenya on December 2, 11 in Lassa / Nigeria on December 3, 24 in Bajoga / Nigeria on 4 December 13 in Uri / India on 5 December, 10 in Ashaka / Nigeria on 6 December, 36 in Beni / ZAR 7 December, 10 in Maramag / Philippines on December 9, 13 in Gajigana / Nigeria on 10th December 33 in Gumsuri / Nigeria on December 14, 10 in cross Kawa / Nigeria on 15 December, 10 in Sabon Gida / Nigeria on 17 December, 50 in Gwoza / Nigeria on 20 December, 20 in Gombe on 22nd December 30 in Mozogo / Cameroon and 10 in Tattaura / Nigeria on December 27, 15 in Kautikari / Nigeria on December 29.


      • PaulW

        Islam is very much like a Ponzi scheme – as long as there are fresh territories to conquer ( by force or migration) and booty and slaves to be had, it can exist and to a certain extent, flourish. Stop it, hem it in on itself, and the poison of the ideology devours itself – its violence, its polygamy and excess (when there are no infidel women to be exploited) of young, restless males, makes for a poisonous and stagnant society. IF there is no prospect of jihad.

  • robins111

    Anyone who accuses me of pisslamiphobe gets my response and loud accusations of normaphobia, works well with the pansy crowd too..

  • GrimmCreeper

    167 Muslim attacks in July. 1549 killed by Muslims. 2168 injured by Muslims. Just one summer month. Need any more evidence?

    • Minicapt

      Are you sure those were actual genuine ‘attacks’, as opposed to possibly mere ‘incidences that happened’?


      • GrimmCreeper

        What, like spontaneous combustion?

  • vwVwwVwv


    it wuld be nice to have the whol thing in one piece.

    islam generates a overpopulation by giveing the whoman only dignity in haveing lots of sons.
    thru the bigamism the welthy dont leave enough spouses for the jung-poore man what
    generates high tensions, inner strugle, which generates two options,

    one to stay and fight along the tribe against the others, what devestates the land.
    the other to emigrate in to the “land of war” the nonislamic land, where woman are
    available, the land flurishing and the people peaceful, wher they soon engage in crime,
    building paralel societys….