German citizen may face charges for insulting Muslim Munich massacre shooter!

Munich Massacre: The man who insulted the shooter from his balcony pursued by justice

“I was drinking a beer when I heard shots. That’s when I saw this guy with a gun. I tried to hit him with a beer bottle. But I don’t, I failed. I called him he was completely crazy and it was an idiot, “explained Thomas Salbey, 57, the” Bild “. He had also treated the assailant “Wichser” (which means “shit fucker” or “wanker” in German) and “Kanak” ( “damn foreigner”). The scene was filmed (see video above).

But now, the one that lashed Sonboli is now the subject of a complaint for insults. The information was confirmed by the spokesman for the public prosecutor in Munich. It is unclear at this point if Thomas Salbey will actually sued.