French mayor wants to ban Muslim ‘burqini’ pool party near Marseille

The mayor of a French town intends to prohibit a “burqini” party organized by a local Muslim organization, telling the newspaper Le Parisien he was “shocked and angry” by the “provocation.”

The party is set for September 17th at the Speed Water Park near Marseille, and is “exclusively for women, girls, and boys under 10,” with female attendants urged to wear burqinis – Muslim swimsuits that cover women from head to feet – because there will be male guards at the event.

  • Ed

    They should be banned on aesthetic grounds alone.

    What ugliness!

    • H

      Yes, a horrible sight. Whether she wants to wear that (as a finger to the infidel and to support the ummah) or because she’s pressured to – I don’t care. A society that permits that kind of shit isn’t worth preserving.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      I’m all for them if they put in them little fishing weights they used to put in drapes.

    • ismiselemeas

      Islam is an affront to modernity.

  • ismiselemeas

    My 14 year old is doing his bronze CROSS. Did I say CROSS? Back in my home town it was public policy not to allow city lifeguards to rescue anyone in distress who was inappropriately attired at the beach. This, in the day, meant drunk people swimming in jeans. The same goes for sackists who find it appropriate to wear sacks that don’t allow you to float. Normal people get rescued. People who dress to drown and endanger everybody else don’t get rescued.