Don’t Expect PM Useful Idiot To Pick Up The Phone… Christian leaders from Middle East ask for Canada’s help

The problem, says Warda, is that Canada’s government does not deal with church-affiliated organizations directly, but funnels aid money through various “institutions.”

“How much of this … (has reached) the Christian … refugees? … It is a very small amount,” he said.

Going forward, Canada should deal directly with Church organizations in the Middle East, Warda said.

Knights of Columbus CEO Carl Anderson said a problem is that Canadian money is sent mainly to big refugee camps.

“Christians can’t go into the refugee camps, because if they do, they are killed,” said Anderson. “So, if the aid goes through the camps, the Christians are excluded.”

I suspect the asshole in Ottawa will lecture them on their evident Islamophobia.

  • Miss Trixie
  • ontario john

    Trudeau made his position quite clear, when he said helping Christians first is disgusting.

    • He is a bastard.

      • ontario john

        How can you say that. Everyone in Canada loves Justin.

    • Gary

      Shame on Justin’s Muslim MP’s where a few were refugees them self , now that they are in a safe Non-islamic nation they obey the Quran and hate unbelievers.
      When the Jihad slaughters start in canada don’t expect the Muslim MP’s to give a damn because their quran is the same one used by ISIS, Hamas, Hezballah, Al-Qaeda and BOKO .
      When muslims have the numbers in Canada to be a threat they must do jihad as ordered in the quran.

      Imam Steve Rockwell made it clear on the Radio that Canada will be an islamic state one day ruled by sharia once muslims become the majority.

  • Ron MacDonald

    All part of the plan…

  • Trudeau refused to call honour killings barbaric.

    Trudeau praised China, the country that not only kills its female infants but is complicit in the sexual slavery of North Korean women.

    The only healthcare he cares about is abortion and refused to back any MP who opposes abortion.

    Instead of concrete action, Trudeau proposed parkas for Yazidi children running away from rape and murder.

    He called prioritising Iraqi Christians and Yazidis “disgusting”.

    He has, on numerous occasions, been inappropriately photographed with women, some of whom were less than dressed, and also used taxpayer money to go on dates with his sham wife.

    There is a pattern here and Christian leaders should see it. Trudeau will go out of his way to make Christians suffer, not help them.

  • Ron MacDonald
  • The Butterfly

    People who kill Christian refugees are not refugees. They are soldiers in the civil war creating refugees.

    • Not even soldiers. Soldiers train and protect innocent people. These are criminals at best.