Cardinal Burke Breaks Ranks

We have heard many disturbing statements in recent years made by Catholic clerics, from bishops and cardinals right up to Pope Francis, who seem to believe that Islam is a religion like any other, that criticism of Islam is unjustified and based on the motiveless malignity of “Islamophobia,” and that the main duty of Catholics with respect to Muslims is not to challenge or confront them both as to their ideology and as to the many acts of Muslim terrorism, but to engage, rather, in endless Catholic-Muslim Dialogue.

  • BillyHW

    He needs to restore the Knights of Malta to the status of *military* order.

  • Chatillon

    The tensions between Catholic traditionalists and progressives was laid out in Malachi Martin’s book “The Final Conclave.” Martin, a former Vatican insider, seemed to have made it his mission to warn the Church faithful of the dangers to the Church coming from its own hierarchy. Men like Cdl. Burke are under siege from progressive forces. Yet he speaks out. God bless him and God help us all.