French President Francois Hollande Is An Idiot

Trump’s ‘excesses’ are sickening says cheese eating surrender monkey whose streets are regularly bathed in citizen’s blood

French President Hollande has publicly attacked US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, describing his “excesses” as sickening. The comments came after current US President Obama had also criticized Trump.

This from a “leader” whose streets run with blood on a regular basis.

  • John

    Hollande’s France probably served as inspiration for Trump’s idea for moratorium on Muslim immigration.

    America is a heck of a lot safer than France.

    • French President Hollande should be proud of creating the first Beirut of Western Europe.

  • Dana Garcia

    The sight of a strong leader makes Hollande weak in the knees.

    Or weaker than he already is, I should say.

  • BillyHW

    He promised us relentless war. All we got was relentless faggotry.

  • simus1

    dw slots in between reuters and afp when it comes to being “protective” of their merkelite Euro jellyfishes in charge.
    Hollande is a pathetic creature.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    The negative noises by that loser are all the more reason to vote for Trump.

  • TheRedLeaf

    Thank you for incorporating Willie’s “Cheese Eating Surrender Monkies”.