The Bug Disparity Gap: Wealthier homes contain more bugs, research shows

Crappy Looking Bug Drawing By Deprived Poor Kid

Crappy Looking Bug Drawing By Deprived Poor Kid

Homes in wealthier areas harbour more bugs, containing up to 200 different species of flies, spiders, beetles and ants, according to new research. The vast majority are not pests although dust mites and book lice were also common.

The finding is the latest demonstration of the “luxury effect” which has shown that richer neighbourhoods are more biologically diverse in plants, birds, bats and lizards, largely thanks to the greater number and variety of plants in gardens and parks. But it is the first time the effect has been shown for arthropods, either inside or outside homes.

  • Reader

    Upon reading the headline I mistakenly assumed this was a story about all the rich people switching over to Windows 10 but too many poor people’s computer being too old for the “upgrade”.

  • Dana Garcia

    Another species of the “Diversity is good” propaganda.

    • Observer

      Politicians always love fellow bloodsuckers.

  • I love breaking the rules – no money and lots of bugs.

  • Hard Little Machine