Fears of second ‘attempted abduction’ at Aldershot army base

BRITISH troops have been placed on high alert over a second “attempted abduction” at a UK army base.

  • H

    Personally, I’m more concerned about the coming islamophobic backlash against innocent muslims ….

  • xavier

    War is deceit. So set up an ambush. Once the wannabes see failure in bullet ridden corpses, they’ll quit. Sure they love death more than life as long as it some other poor schmuck dying

    • Good idea.

      • xavier

        My very modest contribution to the war on terror 🙂

        The other one is to revive chivalric orders for layman and boys. We love to protect (and build). I’m sure there are a few bishops that would be supportive. There’d be cool heraldry too

  • Spatchcocked

    Spatchcocked’s pig shit mini bazooka will play a major role in the coming civil wars.
    A smaller model than the field or urban size is on stream now. This is smaller than a package of Smith Brothers cough drops but sprays the attacker with a quick dry pig shit mastic glue amalgam that lasts 6 months.
    A muzzie walking about in public with a face covered in pig shit is an impossibility so neutralisation of the enemy is assured.

  • canminuteman

    For the time being, arm all the soldiers and only let them out in public in pairs. And let them shoot muzzies.

    • Minicapt

      Er … “let them hunt Muzzies.”