‘Donald Trump is strikingly unaffected by the ideological indoctrination that has otherwise overwhelmed the thinking of American elites. Why? Trump’s lack of verbal fluency.’

Not surprisingly, the one famous artist Trump was somewhat in tune with was deadpan jokester Andy Warhol, a fellow expert at self-branding. Warhol liked to say, “Art is what you can get away with.”

The money-loving painter was so excited in 1981 upon meeting Trump that even without a commission Warhol painted eight pictures of Trump Tower to hang in Trump Tower.

But then Trump didn’t buy any of his offerings because Warhol’s spec paintings didn’t match the Trump Tower’s color scheme. The wounded Warhol nursed a grudge against Trump for not giving him any money, but the tycoon never seemed to notice what was going on behind the artist’s famously flat affect.

…While Turks believe that he who can improvise the most convoluted conspiracy theory (some of which turn out to be bizarrely true) has proved himself the smartest guy in the room, affluent Americans take pride in their honed ability to smoothly articulate the inane rationalizations required to obscure our blatant social realities.

Steve Sailer gets at something I’ve long sensed, but never articulated well. Extreme lefties tend to hold their crazy opinions precisely because those opinions are so crazy. The crazier the better. A glance shows you that SJWs are Competing For Craziest. Common sense and sanity are for idiots and plebs. (Remember, lefties tend to be stupid people who are desperate to be thought of as smart.)

I really recommend reading the whole thing.