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Free Speech Is The Only Remedy

If you have entered a major sports stadium recently it will have been only after a bag search and, possibly, a body scan at the turnstiles — one example of the way in which the freedoms and safety we once took for granted are being inhibited. The only response is to speak frankly about the reason why

In his excellent Quadrant essay, “Weaponising Our Weaknesses”, Edwin Dyga detailed the peril faced by Western civilisation and the maladies rendering us all but incapable of mounting a credible defence in the interests of its survival. That article identified the disease and outlined the dire prognosis if left untreated. What follows are the obvious and clinical steps which logic says governments must be encouraged to adopt as the most efficacious remedy.

The first and fundamental requirement is the changing of prevailing attitudes and the language that goes with it. Political correctness must be banished. The legal and moral acceptability of any view or opinion is to be determined solely by its veracity, irrespective of the way it is subjectively perceived by any group or individual. The only restriction on freedom of expression must be that which prohibits the expression of actual and outright hate and which advocates violence, as distinct from mere criticism or disapproval. Laws contrary to the letter or spirit of this determination — Section 18C, for starters – must be abolished. Our Western traditions take as a given that democratically elected governments will be champions of free and unfettered speech. Any hedged or qualified restriction on what can be said, written or broadcast betrays all those who, in many cases, gave their lives to win for all who came after the liberty of candour.

  • tom_billesley

    Who’d have thought it?
    The method used to get rid of leeches also works on Somali rapefugees.
    A young woman escaped a sex attacker by stubbing a cigarette out on his wrist after he groped her in the street in central London.
    The 21-year-old victim was attacked by a man, who grabbed hold of her wrist and propositioned her for sex in Westminster.
    She tried to run off but the suspect pulled her back towards him during the assault in Vincent Street.
    The suspect is described as a Somali man, aged in his mid to late 20s, 5ft 6ins in height with very short, clipper-cut black hair. He wore a grey hooded top.

  • Brett_McS

    I’m a subscriber to Quadrant so I was able to put this in the article’s comments (after a couple of hand-wringers had commented):

    This is exactly right.

    Our perspective is often short term so we despair when we don’t see much change of attitudes in a few short years. Real change typically starts slowly but then when enough attitudes change in enough people the change happens quickly across society (because most people are followers), in the so-called preference cascade.

    Another thing to note is that the left disguises its failed ideas as “our” failures; “we” failed, when it is only the left that failed. Apart from diverting criticism, their purpose in doing this is to create widespread despair at “our” failures.

    Truly, despair is misplaced. How many people are, like me, now very aware of the true nature of Islam when not long ago (specifically 2001) I had assumed it was just another religion, and looked on with insouciance, or even approval, at seeing a new mosque being built. Now every new mosque is resisted and many are stopped. People are waking up and what the author says must happen will happen.

  • ontario john

    I know everyone is excited this morning about the front page story and picture on the Toronto Star website. Great selfie picture of a bare chested Trudeau posing with hikers. And polls show Trudeau still is loved by all Canadians. He is so wonderful.