Canadian leads team that seeks to bring Muslim slavers to justice

Iraq’s Sinjar Yazidis: Bringing IS slavers to justice

Funded by the Canadian and German governments, a team of experienced war crimes investigators has so far identified 49 slave-owners and a further 34 men holding senior positions in the IS infrastructure.

For Bill Wiley, the chief investigator at the Commission for International Justice and Accountability, it is clear that IS had sex slavery in mind.

It is these “policy-makers” the team are focusing on, as they hold them responsible for a systematic enslavement that saw women forcibly trafficked across northern Iraq and Syria.

A quietly spoken Canadian, Mr Wiley has worked in war zones from the Balkans to the Congo. Yet he told me that nothing had prepared him and his researchers for the calculated cruelty meted out to Yazidi women and children.

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    Racists! Don’t they have any respect for Islamic culture?

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    Wow, dude’s name is Bill. I was totally expecting one of those third-wave feminists to be in charge of this. But then again, when have western women ever contributed anything to humanity? They are too busy feeling proud of themselves for voting to destroy humanity. My bad.

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      I wonder what you will say if Hitlery is crowned President?

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        “Goodbye cruel world.”

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      Mrs Thatcher would have been really good.

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        She was one in a trillion for sure.

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    Trump landslide….never fear.

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      I hope you are right. For the world’s sake.

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      From your lips to God’s ears.

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