Why the Establishment Can’t Grasp the Nature of Islam

The media and effete powers-that-be have been twisting themselves into Halal pretzels Islamsplainin’, rationalizing how a given Muslim terrorist attack isn’t really “Islamic” or isn’t significant. These contortions can become quite ridiculous, such as suggesting that recent Allahu Akbar-shouting Munich shooter Ali Sonboly might somehow have had “right-wing” motives because, among his violent passions, was an interest in Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik.

A more common (un)intellectual contortion is the minimizing tactic of claiming, as is politically correct authorities’ wont, that a given jihadist attacker “has no ties to IS” (the Islamic State), as if there’s nothing to see here if a man doesn’t provide notarized evidence of allegiance to the boogeyman du jour. Yet this is much as if we’d claimed during the Cold War that a Marxist terrorist attack wasn’t really a Marxist™ terrorist attack because we couldn’t find a connection to the Soviet Union. The issue and problem wasn’t primarily the Soviet Union but communism (Marxism birthed the USSR, not the other way around), an evil ideology that wreaks havoc wherever it takes hold. Likewise, the IS didn’t birth Islam; Islam birthed the IS.

  • Because leftists tie their egos into their shaky political positions. If they are proven wrong, their self-worth disappears.

  • Hard Little Machine

    People in power and comfort rarely understand what’s outside the front doors of ordinary people. I can remember a long time ago the CEO of a Fortune 50 company who had 40 personal IT support staff and his own personal network infrastructure who told us we were being crybabies because he had never experienced the least interruption or inconvenience in HIS experience of the services we delivered. There was nothing wrong with his systems ergo there was nothing wrong and we were just being lazy and greedy.

    Political elites have never experienced the TSA or waiting on any line for anything. They’ve never seen a closed of street with SWAT teams blocking the way. They’ve never had to cope with screaming swarthy motherfuckers threatening to kill everyone in the room. To them it’s a talking point,. A piece of political theater, a tweet. And if you complain it’s YOU who’s being a disloyal asshole to THEM. NOT a team player, and by team we mean glint eyed flunky of Dear Leader.

  • simus1

    When you acquire large numbers of “eager demolition workers for a priority job”, one you have been aching to get under way for a long time, the last thing you want is naysayers pointing out their social shortcomings and creating “labour problems” on the job site.

  • Slickfoot

    The reason they can’t grasp the nature of izlam is because everything about izlam is fuken Unnatural!

  • Spatchcocked

    Nope…yer wrong….they just don’t know what will work…that will solve the problem and not upset their sinecures and security…..so they do nothing.
    It’s a difficult time….the only solution is of course the iron fist.
    It will come.
    It’s inevitable.

    History in the making!! Will we be found wanting ? I don’t think so for one moment.

    We will be terrible in our own defence and hopefully terrible in our settlement with the elites.

    But we are pure and guiltless…that will be our consolation.

  • WalterBannon

    They grasp it, but they are treasonous