Thomas Sowell on the U.S. voter’s dilemma

At Townhall:

Voting for an out of control egomaniac like Donald Trump would be like playing Russian roulette with the future of this country. Voting for someone with a track record like Hillary Clinton’s is like putting a shotgun to your head and pulling the trigger. And not voting at all is just giving up.

Nobody said that being a good citizen would be easy.

Reality check: No, not easy. But it shouldn’t be this hard. Trump is an outcome of the fact that no conservative really represented the conservative voter. That’s a choice the Republican Party made. The choice should not be cost-free. I’d say, no matter what else happens, sink the lot.

Clinton is an outcome of a century of progressivism. It’s poised to get much worse as she rewards all her entitlement and grievance constituencies, to stay in power and hand on power to progressive successors.

Not voting just means Clinton will win because the dependents who are added to the system every day will definitely vote for her. If Americans who have any other personal future in mind do not vote …

See also: Future to the back: Welfare IS the new work The welfare recipient works by staying dependent, creating jobs for betters and justification for progressive government (entitlement and grievance). It’s an art, actually.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Sometimes Sowell is wrong.

    • Slickfoot

      Not in this case… I choose Russian Roulette.

      • J. C.

        Indeed. With Russian Roulette, the chances of a positive outcome = 5/6 (or 8/9, depending on the gun…)
        I like those odds.

        • Slickfoot

          And the chances of a positive outcome with the progressives is vanishingly small.

          • J. C.

            The ‘best’ results one can hope for from a shotgun blast is severe and permanent disfigurement.

          • Slickfoot

            Aye, the very best.

  • G

    “voting for an out of control egomaniac like Donald Trump would be like playing Russian roulette with the future of this country.”

    STFU Sowell. If you are too stupid to recognize the reasons for Trump’s success then you are too stupid to be paid for your political commentary.

    Trump appeals to the average voter,
    – a guy with a job who tries to keep his job – not a government worker or welfare deadbeat.

    -a woman who has a USEFUL job, not a job where she sits on her ass giving her over-valued OPINION on news items or reporting carefully cherry picked news items in the same predictable manner as everyone else.

    -guy who actually PRODUCES products or services of VALUE rather than an activist or non profit, guilt trip monger.

    -a guy who pays his debts and actually thinks proper personal financial stewardship is a virtue (who ISN’T looking for some free ride).

    -a man or woman who has a REAL job with a boss, where results & quantifiable performance counts – (not journalists, lawyers, judges, or politicians)

    – a person who does their job day in and day out without constant validation by their peers or the public, (unlike journalists)

    – People who match the ABOVE descriptions and are sick to death of people like Sowell.

    Go get a productive job you overbearing, self righteous blowhard.

    • Minicapt

      Don’t know much, do you?


      • G

        I think being a columnist is pretty much a useless job. I don’t care whether you write from a left wing or right wing perspective.
        I insulted a writer you like?
        Oh well life goes on.

  • Danne

    Tea Party, Hobbits, Silent Majority……we’ve been called many things and repeatedly been told we’re relegated to the dust bin of history/dead. The Hobbits are pissed! The snakes are being exposed for what they are and flushed out, pay attention. These clowns were NEVER part of an “answer” or a “choice”…just another deception/echo!

  • Brett_McS

    No matter how much of a loose cannon Trump would turn out to be the congress and the media would keep things getting too crazy. But not with Clinton. The media would be in full worship mode, and the congress would be too spineless to stop anything.

  • simus1

    One step at a time.
    Vote Trump into office.
    Start arresting the little fish.
    Arrest Hitlery and her gang.
    Arrest Emperor Barry and his gang.
    Arrest the RINOs, crony capitalists, rent seekers and their gang.

  • Brown

    “Voting for an out of control egomaniac like Donald Trump…”
    Right there is the number one tactic of the left and the leftist media. Keep repeating over and over lies about Trump. Whenever they mention his name or write his name in an article, they always add some negative descriptor.
    Trump is neither “out of control” nor an “egomaniac”.
    He will however, be the next President of the United States.

  • Hard Little Machine

    The GOP fought HARD to earn every single defeat. And they continue to struggle to guarantee an unending string of future defeats. The fact is that

    Trump is the only plausible GOP candidate this time but it could have easily been anyone else cut from the same cloth. The George Will GOP is a pack of morons and fools who seem to defy logic that they still exist at all. They have made the dumb decision every single time. If the GOP could ever go back to the age of Rockefeller or Ike they’d have a chance. But no. All they have to talk about is sex, sex organs, bathrooms, Jesus, bedroom etiquette and so on. They deserve every single failure they get.

    No one in this country has gotten a raise in 20 years. 50 million people – almost the population of the UK, are on food stamps. Every other person you know has dropped out of the work force. There is not a single facet of society that isn’t broken. Every single civic institution is non-functional. Every single thing you see and hear is a lie.

    This shit is on fire.

    But let’s not talk about that. Let’s carry on about anything else.

  • K1

    He’s just attempting to break the …
    “GET OUT OF JAIL” free card
    that minorities of all stripes can use at will

    The day when the majority and minority are both accountable …will be a GREAT DAY

    Keep hammering away there Trump.
    I’m with you :-))))