Soviet gulags revived the ancient tradition of Christian martyrs

For eight decades persecuted Christians in Russia and Eastern Europe suffered unspeakable hardships

Jonathan Luxmoore, a writer who has specialised in Church news from Russia and Eastern Europe for many years, has written a superb history of Christian persecution under Communism from its inception to its downfall. At 900 pages altogether, it has been a labour of many years as well as of love. In their breadth and in their meticulous research, these two volumes describe not just a broad survey of the fortunes of the Christian churches, mainly Catholic and Orthodox, within the USSR and behind the Iron Curtain, but the heartrending stories of those courageous individuals who refused to give up their faith and whose names have been forgotten for many decades.

  • Martin Amis’ “Koba the Dread” recounts Christianity under communism. It’s stark to say the least.

    Communism and Islam are the last steps before primeval ape-like states. Remove the veneer of civilisation and soon one will see people being battered to death with bones.

  • Billy Bob Thornton

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