Priest Martyrdom a Warning to the West

“…In the wake of the Nice attack, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls alarmingly said that France had better get used to living with terror, and that is the only conclusion for a civilization that has surrendered, and surrendered to a falsehood posing as the truth—and forcing itself upon others as the truth.

Islam is not so much religion as it is paganism, for both fail to understand the true nature of the Divine. God is a God of life, love, self-sacrifice, and self-revelation. He is a God of condescension. Islam bases its faith not on the familiar interaction of God and man, but on the prophets, the “warners,” as the Quran calls them, who call all men to the contemplation of the distant unity of God. Though they are prophets, they are not intercessors or intermediaries. In Islam, there is nothing that unites man and God.”

  • Religions are a form of social blueprint for society/civilization.

    Unfortunately the Islamic blueprint creates a dysfunctional contagious society.

    Muhammad claimed to have received his Islamic blueprint from the angel Gabriel.

    I believe it is more likely he received it from the devil. Islam truly represents hell on earth.

    • dukestreet

      Well, Satan is an angel, the most powerful angel God ever created and since the fall,has been the “prince of this world”. The facts of the Koran & Islam speak for themselves. There is no doubt in my mind, that Islam is one of the main tools Satan created. it is very obvious to me. Unfortunately, many Muslims are stuck in it,faithfully following Satan while believing they are following the the truth. Their eyes are blinded to the truth,as are many others.

      • Mo made a deal with the devil. Mo got drugs, sex and rock and roll in return for following the instructions of the devil.

        The devils instructions set up what we see today as Islam. Hell on earth. And its spread continues.

        Far fetched? What other excuse can you come up with for the cult of death called Islam?

        • dukestreet

          if you know anything about Christianity & anything about Islam, it is more than obvious. Satan wanted to be like “The Most High” and was kicked to the earth. Islam is the exact counterfeit of the truth. Even their eschatology is the opposite of Christianity. Definitely Satanic. Because Islam uses similar language in some things,people are deceived. Of course, that is the primary job of Satan. To deceive the whole world about Christ & the Jews. First, the nations, then the church, then Israelis themselves. He’s succeeding, mostly because people are ignorant of the truth and our society in general is no longer interested in truth,just in what feels good.

    • Exile1981

      Mohammed himself fled from the “angel” when it appeared to him in a cave, because he believed it to be a demon.
      Later he failed in a coup against his uncle and fled back to the cave to agree to be the ‘angels’ mouthpiece.

  • Gary

    So they new adage in the West is ” Don’t be a Nice` guy “

  • Killing clerics and Christians in Egypt, Syria and Iraq was a warning to the West. Why would this be any different?

    • xavier

      Because it happened next door to us not some distant neighbourhood where the news is deliberately suppressed by political operatives with bylines

      • This happened in France and not even the French care.

        It says a lot when we don’t care what happens in other countries.

        • xavier

          Disagree. The ordinary French do look at Marian’s popularity. It’seems the elite that’s indifferent but had to look like they’re doing something ™

          • A handful that is still impotent against the state’s power.

            I’m not holding out hope for France.