Priest Martyrdom a Warning to the West

“…In the wake of the Nice attack, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls alarmingly said that France had better get used to living with terror, and that is the only conclusion for a civilization that has surrendered, and surrendered to a falsehood posing as the truth—and forcing itself upon others as the truth.

Islam is not so much religion as it is paganism, for both fail to understand the true nature of the Divine. God is a God of life, love, self-sacrifice, and self-revelation. He is a God of condescension. Islam bases its faith not on the familiar interaction of God and man, but on the prophets, the “warners,” as the Quran calls them, who call all men to the contemplation of the distant unity of God. Though they are prophets, they are not intercessors or intermediaries. In Islam, there is nothing that unites man and God.”