Lebanon sex trafficking: Syrian woman describes nine-month ordeal

The only time Rama, a 24-year-old from Syria, broke down as she recalled her months of torture and sexual enslavement in a human trafficking ring in Lebanon was when she described how she lost her faith.

“Honestly no, I no longer have faith after what happened,” she told the Guardian. “Because when we were beaten, I would say, ‘God, please save us.’ And [my torturer] would say, ‘You whore, you think God will save you?’ And he would beat me more. We couldn’t say the word Allah, not even within our hearts.”

  • Blacksmith

    When you lost your faith in the false god it was no loss.

    • Allah likes blood.

      • UCSPanther

        And Allah likes rape too, it appears.

    • terrence22

      It is a net gain.

  • These b@$#@rds specialise in ruining people.

    It’s time to execute them publicly.

    • BillyHW

      The pope says we need to let them immigrate to our countries and to give them our houses.