Huge Increase in Girls Victimized by Genital Mutilation in U.S.

An estimated 513,000 women and girls are at risk or have already been subjected to female genital mutilation in the United States, with the number skyrocketing due to increased immigration from countries in the Middle East and North Africa, where the practice is common.

The State Department considers female genital mutilation—the partial or total removal of female genitalia for no medical reason—to be a form of gender-based violence. The practice is illegal in the United States.

  • Exile1981

    Find the people doing it and put a bullet in their heads, then do the same for every father, brother etc that forced the girl to get it done.

    As a side note does anyone doubt that it’s not a problem in Canada among Justin’s refugees?

    • canminuteman

      I think if you look at it a little deeper you will find that mothers, grandmothers and aunts are at least as guilty as the men. I really don’t care what they do to each other. Do you think it will make them like us if we try to stop unsavory aspects of their culture?

      • Exile1981

        I don’t doubt the women are as guilty.
        Normally i don’t care what they do to each other as well but if they do it hear then they should be shot or sent back as warning that barbaric practices are not welcome here.

        Personally i don’t care if they ever like us.

        • canminuteman

          But we live in a multicultural paradise and all cultures are equal don’t ya know.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Here is one mainstream feminist organization that is addressing the problem in the U.S. It is even planning a December conference that will “discuss the role of religious leaders.” However, a certain religion now, as in previous campaigns, remains the elephant in the room.

  • Dana Garcia

    Nobody voted for diversity.

    • infedel

      …and nobody voted for multiculturalism.

      • BillyHW

        Women voted for all of it.

        • infedel

          marxist men and women that infiltrated the West and its institutions pushed this through…real men and women did not vote for this….and we will end this.

  • Hard Little Machine

    And that’s how you create angry Democratic feminists, children.

  • Obama and Trudeau want this.

    • BillyHW

      Women voters want Obama and Trudeau.

      • I didn’t.

        • BillyHW

          Exceptions don’t disprove valid generalizations. See blacks vote Democrat.

  • BillyHW

    Female Genital Mutilation: Brought to you by the 19th Amendment.

  • caliroxanne

    Who cares. Let them do what they want to do to themselves. I know I’m probably alone here, but I also like them wearing their filthy head bags, burkas, etc., since it makes them easily identifiable. It’s a big CAUTION sign that tells me to stay the f**k away from them, and if it’s a business, I know to spend my coin elsewhere. Ultimately, the only thing that will save us is a full Muslim ban. Banning an outfit or custom won’t solve anything.

  • freakypete98

    So what part of that religion is appealing to the ladies? I’m not sure I see the attraction.

    • There is none unless these self-loathing females like being battered around.