Guilt in An Age of Jihad

Just as European and American leaders are obligated to protect their citizens, Arab and Muslim leaders are obligated to demolish — simply demolish — the theologies and ideologies that justify Islamic supremacism and the violence used to achieve it.

In the short term, we need to see lots and lots and lots of open casket funerals of the victims of jihadist violence in the Middle East and in the West. Such funerals will indict every Muslim leader and put them on the spot, just as Emmet Till’s open casket funeral put every white politician in the U.S. on the spot.

This process, which to some extent has already begun, needs to accelerate. Muslims need to be put on the spot about the actions of their co-religionists just as whites in the U.S. were put on the spot during the 1960s.

We need to put Muslim intellectuals and leaders on the spot just the same way Eldridge Cleaver, James Cone, Martin Luther King, James Baldwin and Malcolm X put white Christians on the spot back in the 1960s.

h/t Battle Of Tours

  • infedel

    Indeed! Great post!

  • xavier

    Yup and we need to deploy our awesome philosophical tradition on them. We need to shock and overwhelm them. Expose the logical contradictions and utter absurdities

  • B__2

    I believe the author of the piece linked is sadly quite mistaken about the effectiveness of a Guilt campaign against the Islamists. Part of this seems to stem from Van Zile’s projection of his Judeo-Christian background and upbringing. The basic problem is that a Guilt campaign will not work against a Shame based culture. The psychologist Nicolai Sennels has written extensively about the differences in the muslim Middle East culture and the Judeo-Christian culture, and why Van Zile’s suggestions will be ineffective.

    For us, in the Western culture, we feel guilty if we are told of some wrong that we could do something about; we then feel motivated to expunge this guilt by righting this wrong. For a shame culture, like islam, the individual is driven by external forces and feels no reason to make amends when the cause of something is external to the individual.

    For a bit more information on the differences between a guilt and a shame culture:

    As proof, many of the Middle East countries do not take in refugees as they don’t have that internal guilt – they see the problem as caused by external factors and thus outside their control and therefore nothing needs to be done unless evidence is made public that they did create the refugee problem.

  • Minicapt

    Two of his five black reps might qualify, but overall I think he’s creating his imaginary solution without informed regard to actual history or genuine thought. Probably a buddy of Billy-Bob.


  • Brett_McS

    The Archbishop of Paris calls Allah the god of death. Personally, Allah is Satan in my book, but I’ll pay that one.

  • simus1

    Emmet Till was a foolish young teen black braggart down from the northern big city who was manipulated by his deep south rural cousins across the reddest of red lines in segregationist Dixie. He didn’t deserve to die but his playing with fire relatives do not deserve our pity.