Future to the back: Welfare IS the new work

From Stephen Moore at Townhall,

We are in the seventh year of a so-called recovery, yet 45 million Americans depend on taxpayers to put food on the table. This is roughly 5 million more than when President Barack Obama took office. Medicaid rolls have exploded by more than 10 million, and Obama openly boasts about how many people he’s moved into the program. The number of unemployment insurance beneficiaries has fallen, thank goodness, but the number of Americans collecting disability insurance has continued to climb. Wow, this is some recovery.

Please. The reason the number of unemployment insurance beneficiaries is falling is that they have not found work and their benefits have expired. They don’t have jobs but are no longer officially unemployed. They are on dole, not pogey.

That’s why so many unemployment statistics sets are misleading.

So why aren’t Republicans pushing workfare for all federal welfare recipients? Some are afraid that they would be viewed as hardhearted or even cruel. But getting people off welfare and into a productive job is not just a way to reduce costs but also a proven way to rebuild broken lives and move people into the mainstream. There is dignity in work. There is despair in welfare. After three generations of the failed entitlement state, hasn’t welfare done enough harm to the very people it was supposed to help?More.

Reality check: All forms of dependency are good for “helping professionals” and the progressive government they support and are supported by. I wish people like Stephen Moore would quit talking as though that wasn’t manifestly obvious. The dependency farmers will undermine any effort to change the picture as long a they have a chance. The misery is a business opportunity for them.

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  • H

    So Pelosi thinks that putting more people on the unemployment ranks is one of the “best ways to grow the economy.” Maybe if the government and its associated bureaucracy IS the economy. Wait a moment ….

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Welfare is more than just a dole for the jobless. It provides a living income to the armies of bureaucrats who run the programs.

  • Billy Bob Thornton

    People want to work and the Democrats just like the Harper Conservatives do not include people that have stopped looking for work. Have people seen the “dead malls” on Youtube and other websites. Businesses cannot stay afloat with the race to the bottom and corporations easily buying them out. People seem to forget that independent stores were a bit thing even going back to prior to NAFTA and the trade agreements. Nowadays, people would be lucky to see independent stores, value-added businesses and manufacturing facilities. This is commonplace now in Western nations because capitalism like everything else transitions to become more and more about saving money and finding savings. Which is why neo-feudalism is the end scenario.

    I do not encourage people to go on welfare, but the real question is where are the jobs?!

    • Daviddowntown

      The Judeo-Christian work ethic has been destroyed The family has been destroyed. The schools have been destroyed. No surprise to me the resulting chaos.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      They took our jobs.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Dependency Farmers sounds like a good band name.

  • DMB

    All this can be easily said about Alberta’s Premier Rachael Noetly and Ontario’s premier Kathleen Wynne who openly seek out people’s dependency on government through generous social assistance programs and attacking private sector jobs. By increasing public dependency on government they can increase the size of government thereby providing an incentive for people to vote for them as well as increasing the power and control they have over the people.