Breaking the Cross: Latest ISIS Magazine Aimed At Christians

The fifteenth issue of the Islamic State’s Dabiq magazine is called Breaking the Cross and is targeted at discrediting Christianity and Western secularism.

Unlike previous issues which were primarily directed at Muslim-majority societies, this issue is full of propaganda aimed at converting non-Muslims to the Islamic State’s puritanical and bloodthirsty interpretation of Islam.

Read the whole thing at the link below…

Dabiq Issue 15 July 2016

  • xavier

    And what a tendentious, illiterate selective glossing of Christian history and doctrine it is. It can be thoroughly refuted and well worth the effort
    They’re terrified at Jesus as the Second person of the Trinty just as the fear who he is and what he proclaims.

    Skimming through the main article, it’s clear that this sterile, arid lifeless cult offers nothing. No charity, no love, no justice. Nothing but the sword and once that’s taken away, Islam just shrivels like a dried out flower and blows away as dust.

    • Islam is a death cult, ISIS is merely its most devout sect.

      • xavier

        Yeah and simultaneously killing the deatheaters and refuting Islam philosophically and relentlessly is the most effective way to send it over the edge.

        Time we go on the offense and overwhelm them.

    • I upding you, sir.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    The pope’s response was, “Well, duh!”

  • BillyHW

    They hate Christianity because Christianity is true and doesn’t let them rape children or keep children as sex slaves. They are possessed by demons they chose to let inside themselves. For this reason they must be destroyed if they do not repent. Even if they repent they must be destroyed as an act of justice and penance. Mercy is for the Lord.

    • xavier

      2 Sundays ago was Abraham’s negotiating with God to spare Sodom and Gomorrah.
      But he destroyed it. Sodom isn’t just about us in the west but applies to Moslems as well. There are crimes and sins that cry out to Heaven regardless who you are.