Weaponising Our Weaknesses

Despite the evident failure of leftist social theory, so-called ‘establishment’ conservatives have failed to re-shape popular culture. One explanation is that ‘establicons’ blithely accept the moral authority of the ideas upon which their opponents’ ideology is founded

That a profound malaise has struck conservative thought throughout the contemporary West, particularly across the Anglosphere, is an axiom of the political zeitgeist. Strong circumstantial evidence of this is the peculiar situation in which political outsiders – sometimes obvious non-conservatives such as Wilders in the Netherlands or Trump in the United States – successfully express anxieties that would ordinarily define the fears and aspirations of the electoral centre-right, but which are systematically censored from the political debate by the candidates of more ‘respectable’ parties in the so-called ‘moderate’ centre.

  • Spatchcocked

    Very good article…..outstanding really.

    You have two choices Western man….you either defend yourself against the Islamic threat and KEEP what you know to be civilised or you will slowly lose your country…..you may own it geographically but you will not recognise it in 30 years.

    We all know this in our guts but we have no leaders with the courage to go to war to preserve us.

    Go Trump go…..cry havoc !

  • infedel

    The West does not
    “accept the moral authority of the ideas upon which their opponents’ ideology is founded”

    Instead….the majority are being beaten into submission with the marxist bully pulpit of lawfare by the few and the entrenched press and professors….we must regain our institutions.

  • Jim Horne

    An excellent article.

  • El Martyachi

    And yet, despite the obvious and evident failure of leftist social theory, so-called ‘mainstream’ or ‘establishment’ conservatives on the whole are incapable of shaping what one might expect to be a popular culture in desperate search for an alternative to the status quo.

    One explanation for this – but undoubtedly the most important – is that these ‘establicons’ seem to accept the moral authority of the principles and ideas upon which their ostensible opponents’ ideology is founded.

    Another — but less undoubtedely the most important — explanation is that, in addition to having assimilated to prog norms in the last 50ish years and therefore indeed accepting their moral authority, conservatives are less inclined to take it upon themselves to shape said popular culture. One explanation for this — again less undoubtedly the most important — is that conservatives may be less inclined to put everything in service of long term subversive ideological warfare against their countrymen via education, media, bureaucracy, etc..

    This might must be because conservatives are more inclined to ya know, generally believe the ideas that our nations’ founders did. Pretty sure “fundamental transformations” weren’t among them. But ,ya know, wrong side of history…