WATCH: The Media Loves Grieving Parents (As Long As They’re Attacking Trump and Not Hillary)

For several days, the media has been gushing about Khizr Kahn’s emotional speech — and his forceful denunciation of GOP nominee Donald Trump — at the Democratic national convention in Philadelphia. Kahn’s son, 27-year-old Army captain Humayun Khan, was killed by a suicide bomber in Iraq in 2004.

One cannot help but notice, however, the difference between the media’s reaction to Mr. Khan’s speech at the DNC and the speech that Patricia Smith, whose son was killed in the 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi, gave at the Republican convention one week earlier. Fighting back tears, Smith accused Hillary Clinton of lying to her face about the circumstances of her son’s death.

  • simus1

    The MSM sets extremely tough goals for itself when it comes to peddling its
    supreme fantasy, honest Hitlery, the compassionate non liar.
    Compared to that challenge, suppressing the embarrassing truth related to them by her victims about her everyday vileness is a walk in the feminist park.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    …Khan-man works for Soddy Barberia’s fat slob Kings and Princes…

  • Gary

    Another Khan-Job by Hillary.

    I used to be shocked at what I saw from the Dem’s but since they are the Party of Slavery and the KKK it is now normal to see them treat non-whites as ignorant peons to be used for their Votes.

    When Obama ran for President in 2008 campaign i still remember Joe Biden promoting him as the Clean, Good looking( non-negroid) , well educated Negro he was proud of. Biden had also opined ( later on 2012 campaign) that republicans want to put Blacks back in Chains as if there are NO Black immigrants in the USA with no ties to slavery.

    Biden acts as if 99% of the Blacks are stuck in the 1950’s with ghetto English and a Grade 6 level education .

    So now , Hillary parades out a Brown immigrant couple that lost a Son in the War that Hillary voted for . Sadly , Mr.Khan failed to exploit the emotion by denouncing the Fort Hood Maj. Jihadist muslim that slaughtered fellow soldiers in the name of Khan’s faith…..he also missed the chance to denounce the quranic homophobic verses that inspired the Muslims in Florida to shoot up a gay bar that killed 49 and wounded 53 .

    We now find out the Con-job Khan is tied to the Muslims Brotherhood and the hamas funding CAIR while he also wants Sharia law in the USA .

    Khan should read-up on D-Day and visit Arlington to look for the dead muslims from June 6 1944 , then get informed on the Nazi’s and how Hitler had a Muslim SS Division bent on murdering American’s and Jews.

    Once Hitler got rid of the Jews he was going to send his Muslim SS troops , plus others, to head South in Africa to purge it of every Black they find.