UK Animal Rescue Center Advices Downing Street on Cat Fights

LONDON — The renowned Battersea Dogs and Cats Home is offering Britain’s government a bit of know-how to discourage cat fights on the doorstep of the national seat of power.

The animal rescue center said Monday a feline welfare specialist has been in contact with Downing Street and the Foreign Office after No. 10’s resident mouser, Larry, was reportedly in a scrap with Palmerston, the Foreign Office cat.

Larry and Palmerston square off in Downing Street as their bitter feud leads to another scrap

Larry and Palmerston

  • Brenda
    • I’m Glad Larry won.

      • Slickfoot

        Totally unbiased I’m sure.

  • Frances

    Simple solution: keep them both indoors or -it that’s not feasible – negotiate out-of-door hours for each feline. It’s not as if their “owners” aren’t supposed to be on the same side, is it.

  • ntt1

    cut their balls off, that will take the wind out of their sails unneutered toms always scrap. Neutering is the real reason most British politicians get along so well….absolutely no balls

    • UCSPanther

      It won’t stop other tom behaviors like spraying though. My parents have a Russian Blue tom, and he still sprays like a hoodlum marking up the ‘hood.

      Of course, with human eunuchs, they still scrap like nothing has changed. In India, there are regular turf wars between gangs of eunuch thugs…

  • ed

    my neutered tom and my two females let some cats in the garden with no problems, yet gang up and then beat up other cats ? they are strange creatures ! I`m just the cat butler