South Korea Must Learn to Defend Itself—Without America

Despite the success of America’s post–World War II policy, its advocates act as if it is an abysmal failure. Consider analyst Khang Vu’s argument for continuing to treat the Republic of Korea as a helpless dependent. No matter that the Seoul took advantage of Washington’s defense shield to develop into one of the world’s most important, largest and advanced economies. The United States must continue to protect South Korea from the latter’s decrepit northern neighbor.

Remember that Canada does not meet its NATO defence spending commitment…

  • I think many Koreans want to defend themselves but are not yet able.

    Korean reunification will be more costly than the German one. Most Koreans don’t want that.

    The situation in North Korea is deteriorating. Sooner or later, the dam will burst and South Korea will have bear the brunt of it.

    • Let’s hope the North has will see it’s last megalomaniac soon.

      • That fat megalomaniac is backed by China and Russia. If not, then South Koreans would have made *samgyupsal out of him ages ago.

        *Samgyupsal is grilled bacon. The Koreans have taken bacon to another level.

  • G

    I hope Trump gets in, and in the manner of any good businessman starts trimming away the dead weight that America is dragging.
    South Korea, Japan, Germany, Canada; start paying your share. The U.S. will; begin phasing out it’s protection of you.

    Canadians? Many Canadians think the since Canada forms America’s northern border that America MUST guarantee Canada’s defense.
    Well technically this is true but the U.S. can begin flipping economic switches that will bring Canada’s economy to it’s knees overnight until Canada decides to begin paying it’s fair share. For too long cowardly Canadians have freeloaded off the U.S.

    And fuck this “punch above our weight” bullshit. Make real improvements, not imaginary ones. Make them now or suffer the economic consequences of your laziness.

    • Ed Ellison

      It’s not laziness per se that keeps Canadian military spending low, it is the ideology of successive Liberal governments and its minions.
      As these Liberal governments have become more and more progressive, they would rather spend money on social programs to buy votes to stay in power.
      We had a bit of a respite with Stephen Harper, but the foolishness has now resumed.
      The present Prime Minister of Canada who is apparently a full bore globalist and hard commie has expressed the opinion that borders are no longer of any consequence to the new Canada.

      • G

        Ed, I understand what you are saying but it is gutless, lazy Canadians who keep returning those Liberals to office. It is Canadians who keep voting for these people.

        Fine, if Canadians are so weak, useless, cowardly and apathetic that they insist on producing governments that will pander to this attitude then so be it. That’s how they will be governed – by Liberals.

        Now, it will be quite gratifying if a future American president doesn’t feel like playing this game and decides Canadians deserve a rude awakening.

        • Ed Ellison

          I have never voted Liberal/NDP and likely never will.
          A rude awakening/depression might be just the ticket for the sleepwalkers who keep voting the idiots in.

        • RubyMontana

          I am hoping that it doesn’t quite work out that way!
          Maybe America just finally votes for someone who wants America to be great again and will negotiate with neighbors?
          No matter how they vote.
          As an American, I hope so.

    • Trump won’t do much, if anything, for North Korea:

      In all fairness, no one really will. Clinton gave North Korea its nuclear program, Bush II took North Korea off of the Terrorism Sponsorship list and Obama just didn’t give a crap.

      South Korea is still an ally and has been acting like an ally under President Park. Even if Obama weren’t so useless, the time would come for South Korea to face it alone. It needs to nuclearise and form stronger alliances with countries in the region.

      And giant robots but that goes without saying.

    • Minicapt

      If you don’t know anything about the topic, by all means shout it loud.


      • G

        I know plenty about the subject. Do you deny that Canada has been paying less than it’s fair share in it’s international defense commitments?

        If my opinion is upsetting you that’s your problem, not mine.

        • Minicapt

          Not upset at all, just pointing out that, despite your personal self-assessment, you are not knowledgable at all.


          • G

            Despite you saying that I am not knowledgeable I notice you didn’t respond to my question.

            Do you DENY that Canada has consistently paid among the least of all NATO members on defense?

            Canadians love to bluster and boast about how they “support our troops” – yeah right.

            Apparently they don’t support them enough to:
            –Serve in the military themselves. (Most Canadians don’t serve). I’m a Canadian and I HAVE.
            –Write or lobby their elected officials to increase defense spending or vote for a party that supports that.
            –Support any actual ACTION that the Forces engage in, (Take a look at the polls whenever the armed forces are engaged in a mission).

            Yeah sure, Canadians support their troops alright, just so long as it doesn’t require any actual effort or sacrifice.

            You probably don’t appreciate me calling Canadians cowardly, gutless, weak, lazy, useless or apathetic but hey, if the shoe fits…..

          • Minicapt

            I’m not denying that Canada has paid less, and continues to pay less than other countries in NATO. However there are structural reasons which you apparently do not understand.
            By the way, I do have the CD1.


          • G

            There are no …”structural reasons” that could not have been eliminated long ago if the will was present. That is a cop out.

            The bottom line is that Canadians are quite comfortable to allow the U.S. to provide their security.

            So you have the CD1. ok? Does that in any way affect my point that most Canadians DO NOT serve in the military or my other points?

          • Minicapt

            Have a good evening.


          • G

            You as well

    • V10_Rob

      American allies in SE Asia have been much more keenly aware of the limits of American protection. They’re right in China’s backyard and have had a front-row seat to its growing power, wealth, and expansionist ambitions, while the US has flailed about fecklessly.

      A scenario where China effectively makes them vassal states while America tosses them to the wolves to maintain peace just a little longer (like Czechoslovakia to Germany) is a very real possibility to them. As such, they’ve spent the last decade or so (at least) preparing for America to longer be a serious player in the region.

      • G

        I can see how you would see this as “appeasement” to China, but the fact is some of these countries have had 60 or 70 years to get their act together. Is America to foot the bill for their security until the end of time? The author of the second article is right. Unfortunately if North & South Korea were to go to war how does that affect America?
        Their peace is their responsibility. Let them handle it.

        I don’t see the reason why when illegals are flooding across America’s southern border bringing drugs and crime with them America should have 28,500 troops protecting Seoul. Those troops could be stationed at several small encampments along the Rio Grande doing exercises and patrols and supporting the local economy with their wages.

        The Japanese have a first class professional self defense force. They know how to run a top notch, effective military. Let them do it.

  • ontario john

    Canada doesn’t need defense spending. Everyone on planet Earth loves Trudeau. Besides, Canada’s military is too busy making room for homosexuals, muslims, and trans gender perverts.