Monuments to Idiocy – Let’s honor the public servants responsible for giving us the TSA.

Naming anything after a living politician is usually a bad idea; but this summer, we can make an exception. Now that Americans will be spending much of their vacations waiting in security lines at airports, we should honor the public servants responsible. At the entrance to the security checkpoint at LaGuardia Airport, let’s install a large bronze plaque proclaiming it the Senator Charles Schumer Line. Perhaps we could put up a statue, too, or at least a cardboard cutout. Similar monuments can be installed at JFK for Hillary Clinton, at the Phoenix airport for John McCain, and at the home airports of all the other senators who voted to create the Transportation Security Administration.

  • Clink9

    Because making 80 year old white men take off their belts and shoes makes everyone safer.

    • Damn right!

      • Frances

        Not to mention feeling up kids in wheelchairs.