You won’t see the cost of Ontario’s cap-and-trade plan on your hydro bill, but it will be there

TORONTO — Ontario consumers won’t see a separate line item on their electricity bills showing the cost of the Liberal government’s cap-and-trade plan to fight climate change.

The Ontario Energy Board has decided charges related to the cost of the program, which is aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions, will be included in the ’delivery’ line charge on hydro bills.

  • Clausewitz

    Just like the 11% manufacturers tax we used to pay on all goods created in Canada before the GST, Liberals are very creative at hiding the abhorrent tithes they rip from our wallets.

    • It will only get worse, Ontario is in a state of irreversible decline

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Wasn’t it fifteen percent?

      • Minicapt

        It varied according to the product.


  • G2

    It would be interesting to know which “consumer groups” said honesty and transparency weren’t necessary. Most likely the Consumer Advocacy Directorate of the Liberal Party of Ontario. Emails and letters need to be sent to all elected alleged “representatives of the people of Ontario” and all the bullies and liars they have appointed to impose their will. Muttering to friends and family won’t get it. Write your MLA, the Premier, the Minister of Energy – ask them to answer. They probably won’t but it’s all you can do.
    I learnt a new word yesterday – kakistocracy- look it up, it’s where we live.

  • Ed

    Hydro bills are now monthly, instead of bi monthly. The last bill was almost as high as the previous bi monthly bill. I can’t afford this government anymore. It’s insane.

  • simus1

    GLLKDW has gone too far this time.

    Rereading Sun Tzu and taking up the brewing of craft beer will calm my nerves.

  • DMB
  • Blind Druid

    They eventually will charge the mythical “carbon tax” on almost everything that we buy, then draw a line at the bottom that says “Sub Total” and then below that 15% HST on everything above. Tax on Tax on Tax. Gullible Warming, and It will be debunked, but the taxes will never be repealed..