Punking the Haters

Caitlin_DeweyIn a normal election year, it would be big news: one of the largest and most influential newspapers in the U.S. fooled by a small cadre of internet trolls into publishing a completely false piece about a GOP presidential candidate. In a normal election year, a story like that would dominate the conservative news cycle for several days at least.

Raging Glenn Beck types would demand that the editors explain the reason for the complete abandonment of journalistic ethics that led to the massive error, and there would probably be calls for the reporter responsible for the piece to be fired.

  • Clausewitz

    The MSM no longer fact checks. They just publish what they hope is true and hope that the average American is too stupid to Know any difference.

  • brenda

    I’m sorry, huh?
    You can’t ‘fact-check’ opinions, and being a fan of someone is essentially an opinion.
    Are these trolls retarded? Setting up a Trump fan club full of white supremacists, MRAs and whatever else, however fake they might be, strikes me more as a psy ops operation working for the other side. It’s the kind of thing Stephen Glass wrote until he got caught. If you throw enough shit against a wall, some of it will stick; there will always be people who won’t see the apology or disclaimer (not that it was much of a disclaimer) and believe the original allegations. Remember all those statements attributed to Sarah Palin that she never made? A lot of people still believe them to be true and her to be a moron.

    This is the stupidest act of trolling I’ve seen in a long time.

  • simus1

    Hello, I am the billionaire who owns the Wapo ………..
    (Snort, Guffaw, Laughter …… is that a tear welling up ?)